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IFF Health research demonstrates nootropic's cognitive benefits

The extract is marketable to consumers looking to address mental fatigue, reaction times and performance

Rousselot obtains European patent for nutraceutical gummy platform

Nutraceutical gummies have proven to be a popular delivery form, achieving a CAGR of 37.3% from 2016 to 2020, according ...

Kerry releases report on consumer protein research

The company says its research highlights the rise in market acceptance of added protein, both in everyday foods and ...

Positive ageing is driving demand for healthier nutrition

Ageing consumers are adopting a long-term approach to well-being and nutrition, a fact that food and drink m ...

FrieslandCampina teams up with AGT on plant-based protein market debut

The two companies have teamed up to launch two powder solutions from pulse ingredients

Allmicroalgae and ALGAplus join forces on algae blend

The two portuguese companies have joined forces to create ALGAESSENCE, an organic powder blend made of microalgae and ...

En route to recovery, supply chain continuity, transparent operations and sustainability are key

Aker BioMarine shares its best practices in the krill oil industry

Arla introduces milk fractionation tech for infant formula

The separation of milk’s different proteins from whey has traditionally relied on cheesemaking

Rousselot extends collaboration with Papendal

In addition to continuing their partnership, Rousselot will also supply the centre’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes ...

Key immune health ingredients of vegetal origin

“Immunonutrition,” which can be defined as the stimulation of our immune system through the modification of dietary ...

Staying immune fit: how to train the body's defence system

The immune system is the body’s surveillance system that responds to infections. It’s our defence against the ...

Health and sustainability: dairy's role in greener diets and healthier people

We’re in an era of increased health consciousness. From physical fitness to digestive well-being and mental welfare, ...

Solabia-Algatech’s astaxanthin blend reduces post-exercise Pain

Strenuous exercise involves placing unaccustomed loads on the muscles. The pain that ensues is commonly referred to as ...

Review suggests vitamin K2 “neglected player” in heart health

The narrative review aims to summarise the literature for scientists and clinicians

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