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ISAPP establishes postbiotic definition

Echoing its statement on synbiotics, the association argues while the term postbiotics is increasingly seen in product ...

TomaTech accelerates breeding of ToBRFV-resistant tomatoes

The company has filed patents for ToBRFV-resistant DNA markers for tomato varieties

Survey shows consumers open to trying cultivated meat

Aleph Farms commissioned Keri Szejda, PhD, and a team of researchers to survey roughly 2000 UK and US consumers

The gateway to wellness: understanding the microbiome to meet consumer trends

As our knowledge of the human microbiome increases, so does our understanding of its contribution to overall health and ...

ADM invests in Remedy Health Series A funding round

The company also secured follow on investment from Apater Capital and Henkel X

Biomega invests in Denmark biorefinery

The biorefinery follows the company’s recent upgrade of its main site, strategically located on the west coast of ...

New research on curcumin and the “brain” in your gut

Curcumin and its analogues, collectively called curcuminoids, are the yellow turmeric rhizome components that ...

HBC and Catalent partner on delayed-release fish oil capsules

Catalent’s technology reportedly enables an enteric release profile for softgel capsules without the need for an ...

Zeus Hygia introduces BioSOLVE technology to North American market

The technology allows manufacturers to use less of an ingredient for the same deliverable impact, the company says

Creatine: an old supplement, the new functional food ingredient

Compared with non-vegetarians, vegans and vegetarians have lower creatine levels. So, to support their energy ...

Pomegranate: natural nutrition for skin and hair

The antioxidants and phytochemicals in this superfruit work in synergy to support healthy ageing, reports Andrea ...

Unlocking the secrets of healthy ageing

Ageing is a complex process that’s characterised by a progressive loss of physiological integrity, impaired function ...

PLT skincare ingredient receives regulatory approval in South Korea

The approved claim associated with ceratiq is: “May help to maintain skin moisturising”

Carbery Group announce acquisition of Innova Flavors

The US-based flavour company is set to add more savoury capabilities to Carbery's international flavours business, ...

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