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ZPD to highlight the advantages of ScanDroitin

The made in Denmark Chondroitin Sulfate at CPhI 2018

Algalif astaxanthin selected as top healthy ageing ingredient in Nutraingredients–Asia awards

Based in Iceland, Algalif is a leading supplier of high-grade natural astaxanthin products from sustainable, pure ...

The increasing importance of drug-nutrient interactions

Emerging scientific evidence suggests that micronutrient intake in higher doses holds promise for roles beyond ...

Vitamin D lowers inflammation in diabetes: a meta-analysis

Chronic inflammation accompanies most chronic diseases, and diabetes is no exception

Layn rolls out advanced sweetener platforms in Mexico

Layn Corp. is rolling out its advanced sweetener and flavour systems in Mexico at the FoodTech Summit & Expo

JM to offer a new process to synthesise CBD

Johnson Matthey to offer a new process to synthesise ultra-pure cannabidiol, expanding on existing cannabinoid offerings

Pharmako Biotechnologies receives two NutraIngredients Asia awards

Pharmako Biotechnologies (Australia) was awarded the coveted Start-Up of the Year award and the Botanical Product of ...

From mass market food to personalised nutrition

Uniform nutritional recommendations for all is old news! Today, it’s all about personalisation

Meeting emerging needs in gastrointestinal health

An increasing body of research suggests that what we consume may not only influence the body, but also the mind

Freeze drying technology for probiotics and nutraceuticals

Freeze drying is helping meet the demand for probiotics and nutraceuticals across the food and health industries

Gluten free as standard

Ulrick & Short launches new no compromise ingredient for gluten free bakery products

Research on curcumin effects on microbiome published

Sabinsa supplied Curcumin C3 Complex and BioPerine material to the researchers