Natac is a company dedicated to investigating, developing, and sustainably manufacturing plant extracts and ingredients of natural origin. Our mission is to grant the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, animal nutrition, and cosmetic industries access to premium, value-added bioactive compounds.
With a production factory in Córdoba and another in Extremadura in Spain, Natac is strategically located in the heart of Mediterranean botanical production. Their close alliances with the main growers of herbal plants in the world, as well as with local farmers in the region, guarantee them access to all the raw material they may need.
They have commercial offices in the USA to serve the American market and in Singapore for the Asian market

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Natac specialises in Olive, Grape, Rhodiola, Saffron, Artichoke, and other Mediterranean extracts. Their range of products includes everything from traditional, standardised extracts to the most innovative products, including Full Spectrum, branded ingredients, concentrated extracts, and more. They also offer extracts with ASMF, and develop ad-hoc molecules for the pharmaceutical industry.

Their diverse portfolio provides the whole spectrum of health benefits, like cardiovascular support, healthy aging, immunomodulation, digestive health, and much more. The well-researched phytocompounds behind these benefits allow partners of Natac to make substantiated health claims, and distinguish their finished products in the market.

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Natac’s Hervás manufacturing facility is certified-organic based on its purely natural methods of production that exclude the use of any chemical additive, synthetic substance, pesticide, herbicide, or conventional fertiliser.

Organic is about more than the natural growth of plants themselves, it’s also about sustainability. Their system for botanical production protects the environment from contamination by the agrochemicals traditionally used in production.


While many of the health products on the market today feature one or two isolated, active compounds, Full Spectrum includes a variety of constituents that work together in synergy to support the body. Full Spectrum ingredients are:

  • Standardised in several groups of bioactive compounds that contain all the benefits of the plant
  • Closer to the holistic plant profile, as nature designed it
  • Highly concentrated for a lower dosage
  • Standardised for a consistent potency and purity.

> Full Spectrum


Thanks to their experience, technology, and solid scientific knowledge, Natac has also developed innovative, branded ingredients backed by clinical research. The first is ENDOLIVE, which contains the olive triterpenes; maslinic and oleanolic acid, together with phenolic compounds like hydroxytyrosol. When consumed regularly, ENDOLIVE can reduce inflammation, increase glycemic control, reduce platelet aggregation, and reverse hypertension.

The second product is POMOLIVE. This unique ingredient combines olive triterpenes like maslinic and oleanolic acid, with apple polyphenols in order to provide a single ingredient with all the most powerful bioactives known for combating metabolic syndrome. When taken regularly, POMOLIVE can support weight loss, decrease BMI, reduce LDL cholesterol, improve glycemic profile, and decrease the risk of atherosclerosis.

> Branded Ingredients


Natac’s sustainable model assumes that actions such as responsible sourcing, energy-efficient processing, and other sustainability tenets are already musts in the botanical industry. However, their focus goes a step forward. Their goal is to preserve and regenerate the Earth while optimizing the health and well-being of its inhabitants.

Beginning with an evaluation of the entire supply chain, Natac analyses the agricultural processes that use botanical resources to understand what points of the production process have potential for intervention and investment. Their goal is to use the whole plant in order to access its full potential and thereby reduce the environmental impact of production.

In 2021, Natac opened the state-of-the-art Hervás factory with an innovative system of sustainable production. The factory is located in the middle of an agricultural region with a history of growing herbal plants. Their partnerships with local farmers, low-emission technology, and coordination with the regional environment are some of the reasons why Hervás is the most efficient botanical ingredients factory in the world.

> Sustainability Report 2020

Hazard Analysis Botanical Identity (HABOID)

HABOID is Natac’s full-proof method for the botanical identification of plant materials. It starts with nine questions that evaluate the raw material’s risk for contamination such as, where and how the plant was cultivated, if similar species of the plant exist, and how high the possibility of cross-contamination is. These questions help scientists classify the starting material’s risk for adulteration into one of three categories: low, medium, and high-risk. Each of these categories is associated with a certain set of tests that range from simple macroscopic and organoleptic tests, all the way to HPLC and genetic evaluation for high-risk plants. This system guarantees 100% botanical purity.

> Natac's Botanical ID Guarantee


Natac’s products are upheld to a level of quality that exceeds the most rigorous standards in the industry.

GMPs & ISO 22716
FSSC 22000
ISO 14001

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