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PLT receives license to market its respiratory health ingredient

The company has announced it has received a license from Health Canada, to market the ingredient AlvioLife, a composition of extracts of Boswellia...

EU Commission modifies regulation for labelling and usage of novel food

Announced by NAXA, the EU Commission has reportedly modified regulation pertaining to the labelling and usage conditions of the novel food astaxanthin

SkinBioTherapeutics receives approval to sell anti-Psoriasis food supplement

The life science company has received approval to sell a supplement to alleviate Psoriasis by re-introducing missing bacteria into the gut and redr...

Global nutraceutical brands expanding to the US market

Nathan Cox, Chief Business Officer at Lief Labs, offers contract manufacturing and best practice guidance

FDA sponsors workshops on meta-analyses in nutrition research and policy

The FDA will sponsor three workshops to discuss the usefulness of meta-analysis as a tool for nutrition research and developing nutrition policy

Dolcas obtains certification for green lipped mussel extract

The company has obtained Non-GMO label certification for its green lipped mussel extract for human and pet health, named MMP-50

Addressing toxicological concerns for CBD products

Why data gaps are holding back novel foods applications in Europe

The new regulatory world for medical devices

Establishing an effective compliance strategy now ahead of the 2022 IVDR legislation is critical — because there’s more to come

Aker BioMarine receives regulatory boost in Australia for krill oil

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) has included Aker BioMarine’s Superba Boost Krill oil as an ‘assessed listed’ medicine

SGS Nutrasource announces krill certification for VIKPro

The contract research organisation has announced that VIKPro has achieved product certification for its branded antarctic krill oil

Don’t wait for compulsory food traceability

It seems that compulsory product traceability may be imminent for food and beverage manufacturers as global efforts to facilitate recalls and prote...

Outsourcing partners continue to deliver for the nutraceutical industry

The last 18 months have seen challenges and opportunities in equal measure for the functional food and dietary supplement sector. Rodney Steel, Chi...

Research demonstrates fish oil supplement claims "vague"

A study JAMA Cardiology last month by UT Southwestern researchers has said product labels with broad statements can be misleading to consumers

Nootropics and the biohacking revolution: a hotbed of innovation

According to some projections, the global nootropic market is set to reach $6.61 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7%....

NutriLeads’ prebiotic notified for immune health Claims in Oceania

The company's prebiotic fibre from upcycled carrot pomace BeniCaros has been submitted to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand following a sys...

Mitigating food fraud in the alternative proteins market

There is growing interest in alternative protein sources across the world to replace conventional meat products. Driven in part by a response to re...