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Chenland Nutritionals, supported by Nutrasource, receives self-affirmed GRAS for CuminUP60 ingredient

Chenland Nutritionals, a developer and manufacturer for branded ingredients, with the assistance from GRAS Associates, a fully owned subsidiary of...

The Root Brands collaborates for third-party testing of nutraceuticals

The new collaboration with The International Science Nutrition Society will see ISNS perform third-party testing and case studies on products inter...

Chinova enlists Intertek to prepare for GRAS ruling on mushroom fibre ingredient

Chinova Bioworks has received a No Questions Letter from the US FDA for its Chiber Mushroom Fiber, a natural food and beverage preservative

Mitigating food fraud in the alternative proteins market

There is growing interest in alternative protein sources across the world to replace conventional meat products. Driven in part by a response to re...

TopGum gummies earn new organic seal

TopGum gains organic certification for its clean, sugar-free functional gummies

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The variable data behind sustainable food supply chains

Organisations worldwide are facing increasing regulatory pressure to provide greater traceability of their products. This pressure is two-fold, ste...

The new regulatory world for medical devices

Establishing an effective compliance strategy now ahead of the 2022 IVDR legislation is critical — because there’s more to come

Bimuno GOS secures 22 FSANZ self-substantiated claims

Clasado Biosciences has revealed that the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) authority has added 22 self-substantiated food-health re...

Taiyo is reassuring Canadian customers that Suntheanine complies with Environment and Climate Change Canada’s new substances programme

Suntheanine meets the stringent ecological and human health assessments; generic theanine not in compliance is limited to 100 kilos per year

Hemp proteins and CBD: the nutraceutical industry’s rising stars

For Vidya Herbs, hemp is becoming an increasingly interesting raw material. Several beneficial ingredients have been identified in various parts of...

Outsourcing partners continue to deliver for the nutraceutical industry

The last 18 months have seen challenges and opportunities in equal measure for the functional food and dietary supplement sector. Rodney Steel, Chi...

Health Canada grants NPN to Bioriginal fisetin ingredient

Bioriginal Food & Science has received a response from Health Canada about its branded fisetin ingredient, Novusetin

Quality management in manufacturing and engineering: more important than ever before

Quality and consistency have always been benchmarks of good business in the manufacturing and engineering sectors; but, after the turmoil brought b...

Taiyo announces Informed Ingredient certification for SunActive IsoQ, its highly bioavailable isoquercitrin

Informed Ingredient certifies that raw materials and ingredients have been tested for substances banned in sports nutrition products

Successful marketing of medicinal cannabis and cannabis-derived products: part II

Barbara Siebertz, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Special Projects, and Ute Hegener, Director, Regulatory Affairs at PharmaLex, discuss the...