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Breakthrough study demonstrates positive effects of krill oil to improve osteoarthritis of the knee

A new study, published in the top-tier <i>American Journal of Clinical Nutrition</i> concludes that krill oil improves knee pain, stiffness and phy...

Have you got screen fatigue?

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US commercial launch of Curcuwin Ultra+ kicks off with new joint health and mobility study

OmniActive Health Technologies is pleased to announce its latest clinical study results supporting the launch of Curcuwin Ultra+, the latest additi...

The foodification of sports nutrition: exciting possibilities for product diversification

The sports nutrition market is booming and has experienced exceptional growth since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Euromonitor, this rapid exp...

Pharmactive Biotech Products moves into the sports nutrition sector

New study has shown that affron helps fitness warriors get more physical, emotional benefits

Arla research highlights shopper traits in mainstream sports nutrition

Arla Foods Ingredients has performed a survey of 12,000 consumers

Understanding mobility in 2022

Mobility has a large impact on overall health; but, interestingly it’s a part of well-being that consumers don’t necessarily prioritise in the way...

En route to recovery, supply chain continuity, transparent operations and sustainability are key

Aker BioMarine shares its best practices in the krill oil industry

Specnova launches high-potency ginger extract for joint support

US-based Specnova has launched a cutting-edge, high-potency ginger extract developed for joint support, mobility and healthy inflammatory response

Beyond protein: exploring the next frontier in active nutrition

From dairy, plant and insect sources to waters, shots, shakes, snacks and supplements, manufacturers are adding different varieties of protein to a...

Staying immune fit: how to train the body's defence system

The immune system is the body’s surveillance system that responds to infections. It’s our defence against the various challenges that we encounter...

Research suggests OmniActive curcumin is highly bioavailable

In the study subjects received either a single dose of the ingredient at 250 mg or 500 mg, or an 1800 mg dose of a standard 95% turmeric extract

The ultimate health combination: ubiquinol and mitochondria

Mitochondria play a crucial role in all complex organisms. Found in every cell, these so called “powerhouses” team up with oxygen to transform nutr...

Bio-gen beetroot extract improves end-sprint performance

The company recently completed a human clinical study, which found that nitrate supplementation using the ingredient was associated with an increas...

Responding to consumer demand for better nutrition with custom premix solutions

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming more aware and knowledgeable about their individual body’s needs; a significant part of that is a new un...

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NextFerm makes first commercial delivery of new vegan protein ingredient in the US

Active nutrition in 2022 and beyond

Gelita to highlight sports nutrition offering at SupplySide East

Beauty from within: prebiotics for healthier skin – WEBINAR

The historic Andes food storage techniques fuelling modern day nutraceuticals

Importing goods into the UK after Brexit

Food Matters Live 2019

PhytoGaia unveils new corporate website

NutriLeads launches clinically backed BeniCaros for sustainable, year-round immune support

Bridge2Food 13th Plant-Based Foods Summit 2019 North-America

Natural bioactives and milk proteins for healthy ageing

Azelis wins 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for food and beverage

Pycnogenol, the science-based ingredient for sport performance

Bridge2Food 14th Protein Summit Europe 2019

SternVitamin develops new plant-based functional drinks

KitoZyme to present new versions of its vegan chitosan at Vitafoods

New clinical study substantiates AP-Bio’s immunomodulatory effects in healthy individuals

Bridge2Food 9th Active & Sports Nutrition Summit 2019

Postbiotics: The future of gut health

Depending on the dosage form, CBD take in doesn’t have to be complicated

Rousselot announces the reopening of its upgraded Brazilian innovation lab

Bridge2Food 3rd Plant-Based Foods Course

Novel nootropic BacoMind receives Health Canada health claims

Gnosis by Lesaffre introduces Noochy Crisp nutritional yeast

Natural Remedies Turmacin is BSCG & Clean Label Project certified

Bridge2Food 15th Food Proteins Course Americas