New reviews confirm that HMB benefits a broad range of adults

Published: 24-May-2024

Here’s what the science says about HMB for everyone from older adults to endurance athletes

Some ingredients benefit such a wide range of adults that they really should be standard in a broad assortment of formulations.

There is mounting scientific evidence that HMB, which supports muscle health, is such an ingredient. Two new comprehensive reviews confirm its benefits for everyone from older adults to endurance athletes. 

“Muscle health nutrients were once almost exclusively the domain of sport nutrition. Althoguh that remains a very popular market, muscle nutrition for the healthy aging category is growing rapidly,” says Shawn Baier, MS, MBA., whose work with TSI Group focuses on maintaining muscle health.

“Significantly, these new reviews focus on HMB’s value in relevant new areas within these two categories. And what these scientists found is both exciting and encouraging.” 

Muscle health matters to every adult   

“By 2030, it’s estimated there will be more than 1.4 billion older adults. Age-related muscle loss will impact all of them, potentially putting even everyday activities out of reach,” comments Baier.

“TSI’s myHMB in combination with vitamin D3, has been shown to support muscle health independent of exercise. This review further documented its benefits on specific muscle functions.” 

Portuguese university researchers analysed 14 diverse studies for a review published by Topics in Clinical Nutrition.

They noted that more than half of those studies reported that HMB supplementation improved muscle strength and other functional outcomes. Still more studies reported HMB’s positive effects on body composition. 

Researchers added new and updated evidence not previously included in HMB reviews. They examined studies demonstrating HMB effects on physical functionality such as gait speed, Time Up-and Go (TUG), and Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) tests.

They noted the studies found improvements among HMB groups vs. control groups in all of these parameters. 

HMB may boost endurance athletes’ performance via multiple pathways

“Although HMB’s muscle mass benefits are well documented, a systematic review and meta analysis published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research highlighted even more benefits for endurance athletes. 

“One of the most interesting aspects of this review is the discussion of how HMB improves physical performance potentially through different physiological pathways, including HMB’s impact on oxygen uptake (VO2 max) and time to exhaustion,” says Baier. 

After reviewing 11 studies involving 279 participants, the researchers concluded that HMB ingestion produced significant improvements in endurance performance and VO2 max.

They further noted that HMB may enhance performance through mechanisms beyond VO2 max improvement, including enhanced glycogen storage and post-training recovery. 

TSI is committed to actively supporting HMB with science 

“TSI’s primary scientific investigations, combined with those of qualified researchers from throughout the world, have elevated HMB to a highly regarded muscle health supplement,” concludes Baier.

“Reviews such as these reinforce and reinvigorate the research, because they underscore HMB’s tremendous potential.”

TSI’s myHMB is the only USP-verified and Informed Ingredient HMB ingredient on the market. It is clinically supported for products related to active lifestyles, healthy ageing, sport performance and body composition among others. 

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