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SUANFARMA sets up UK subsidiary

Specifically, the creation of this new subsidiary represents the commitment of SUANFARMA and its Nutra division, with the British market

Study shows Quercetin phytosome aids recovery from Covid-19

It has been proven to be an effective natural help to manage early stage conditions of COVID-19, in combination with standard care

Vitaquest joins Council for Responsible Nutrition as voting member

"We are delighted to become a voting member of CRN as we share its commitment to advancing all these best practices and to building trust with cons...

New insights into the health benefits of vitamin D supplementation

Owing to the synergistic role it plays in immunity and health in conjunction with other nutrients, one of the lasting effects of the pandemic has b...

Clinical study demonstrates how pomegranate ingredient affects the gut for skin health benefits

A new human clinical study has been carried out to evaluate Verdure Sciences' Pomella ingredient for 'beauty from within' properties and impact on...

Sustainable "closed-loop" spirulina production collaboration

AlgaeCore and Haifa Group have signed a multi-faceted long-term collaboration agreement destined to transform the entire spirulina market

Activating brown adipose tissue is good for cardiovascular health

Because of its interdependent ability to regulate lipid and glucose metabolism, brown adipose tissue (BAT) must be considered as a vehicle for card...

Perfecting the protection of vitamin K2

Leveraging fermentation expertise with a core understanding of the issues plaguing manufacturer partners has led Gnosis by Lesaffre to introduce an...

Royal DSM partners with Floré by Sun Genomics

Both companies are committed to the science behind probiotics and their role in improving the health and wellness of the global population

Bartek advances plans for $175m production facility

The company held a ceremony on 12 January with Canadian government officials

Digestive health innovation: discover the untapped potential of DAO

Anyone affected by digestive issues knows how difficult it can be to avoid certain triggers and find ways to ease any pain and discomfort. It’s eve...

Stress and sleep supplements: more than a fleeting post-pandemic trend

An increased focus on mental health in recent years has resulted in rising demand for dietary supplements that address stress and sleep, reports Ma...

How Amazonian farms supply Clariant with ingredients

There are currently around 50 smallholders involved in growing cupuaçu for Clariant

Addressing toxicological concerns for CBD products

Why data gaps are holding back novel foods applications in Europe

New study reveals benefits of sustained-release caffeine

CaffXtend is encapsulated in microbeads to release caffeine gradually over 12 hours

Formulating for success in the global prebiotic market

Driven by making difference, Per Rehné (PR), CEO at Clasado Biosciences, talks to Dr Kevin Robinson (KSR) about the prebiotic market and why the pr...