Sami-Sabinsa Group, founded in 1988, is an ISO certified manufacturer and supplier of herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals, minerals and speciality fine chemicals. Sabinsa’s mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition and well-being.

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Over the past three decades, Sabinsa has brought to market more than 100 standardised botanical extracts and privately funded several clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in support of these products. Its present operations have grown to employ 1000 people worldwide in 10 manufacturing, R&D and distribution facilities. Additionally, botanical cultivation efforts undertaken by the organisation now total nearly 40,000 acres to ensure sustainable supplies on its key products. All products intended for human consumption are certified Kosher and Halal.

Sabinsa Europe GmbH established by the end of 2006 represents Sabinsa's European platform for marketing, sales and distribution. Favorably situated near the Frankfurt hub in Langen, the company easily makes available Sabinsa’s outstanding product portfolio and customer services to the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industries all over Europe. Sabinsa Europe has a dynamic sales and marketing team which is supported by technical experts. Stocks of the fast moving materials are stored in the spacious warehouse in Germany so that customer demands are met immediately.

Industries served

Sabinsa’s mission is to be a responsible biotechnology based research, manufacturing and marketing company supplying the finest raw materials to provide innovative solutions to the dietary supplement, cosmetic, speciality chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Sabinsa's specialised services include custom product development, technical support and testing lab facilities, assistance in clinical evaluation and protocol implementation. At our Utah, USA NSF GMP fully Halal plant, we have contract manufacturing services to help you develop tablets, bi-layer tablets, and capsules as well as intermediary services such as milling, blending, roll compacting, and granulation. Sabinsa has established marketing offices in the USA, Australia, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea and South Africa. New offices line Canada, Poland, Brazil etc. to be added.

Sabinsa also has agents that represent its product line throughout South America and Far East Asia.

Science or technical merit

Emphasis on developing and bringing to market products with scientific and clinical substantiation is Sabinsa’s core business philosophy and is in large part responsible for fueling the company’s ongoing commercial success. Sabinsa has obtained several IND approved clinical protocols for its products from the FDA. With more than 120 scientists working full time conducting ongoing research both in India and the United States, Sabinsa continues to develop and patent beneficial nutrients for the world market.

Proprietary/intellectual property

Presently Sabinsa currently owns more than 290 USA and international patents, and has 340 pending patent applications worldwide. The company is also a three-time recipient of the prestigious Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award, given annually by the New Jersey R&D Council in recognition of the most revolutionary product innovations and important scientific breakthroughs originating in New Jersey, USA. A four-time recipient of the esteemed Nutrition Business Journal Award, recognised for product merit and investment in science and research. The company also has many recognised trademarked ingredients such as BioPerine, Boswellin, Citrin, Garcitrin, Curcumin C3 Complex, Cococin, Cosmoperine, DigeZyme, ForsLean, LactoSpore, LeanGard, pTeroWhite, SabiWhite, SaBeet, SelenoForce and Selenium SeLECT.

Application specialities

Committed and dedicated to the principles of innovation, tradition and research, Sabinsa supplies high quality innovative standardised herbal extracts, phytonutrients, probiotics, enzymes, spice extracts, minerals, speciality chemicals, and fine chemicals for applications in dietary supplements, functional foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Every product is backed by application-oriented scientific research. Sabinsa has developed novel approaches to retaining the biological activity of these ingredients while simultaneously addressing formulation challenges and product safety criteria.

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