Must-have MIPS to support an active lifestyle

Published: 1-Jul-2024

With a strong focus on physical performance as well as overall wellness, there has been a growing demand for products that support an active lifestyle in recent years

Must-have MIPS to support an active lifestyle

We’re now seeing that fitness enthusiasts want supplements that improve physical performance while also addressing mental well-being and stress reduction, observes Laura López, PhD, Head of Product Research, Development and Innovation at Nektium.

Formulators are exploring new ingredients to enhance preworkout supplements that impact energy, workout performance, strength, power, mental focus, muscular endurance and recovery.

These supplements are known as multi-ingredient performance supplements — or MIPS for short — and cater to multiple needs in a single preworkout supplement.

“Zynamite is our natural mangiferin extract for mental and physical energy,” says Laura: “It’s an award-winning, patented and scientifically recognised preworkout ingredient made from mango leaves.” 

“It not only boosts physical performance but also promotes non-stim energy and mental focus without the side-effects of caffeine. It’s an ideal ingredient for the MIPS trend, with clinically proven results in less than an hour.”

“We also recently launched Zynamite S, which is a fully water-soluble grade that is ideal for beverages. It’s already popular in the fast-growing functional RTD segment for smart energy.

“Brands are using it to target consumers looking for active nutrition in convenient beverage formats.”

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