Zynamite plus quercetin shown to boost athletic performance in high-level basketball players

Published: 29-Jan-2024

New study demonstrates players were faster and had reduced perceived exertion

A supplement containing Zynamite and quercetin delivered significant improvements to athletic performance in an independent scientific study featuring national-level basketball players in Greece.

The double-blind study, published by Nutrients in January 2024, examined the effects of consuming Nektium’s award-winning Zynamite mango leaf extract with quercetin an hour before intermittent high-intensity exercise.

Thirty eight male basketball players from Greece’s top three national leagues took part, with each completing 24 circuits of 30-second activities. 

The study measured various performance metrics during exercise and compared the results with both a baseline and a control/placebo group.

Participants in the supplement group were faster, showing a statistically significant improvement in their mean circuit lap time compared with those in the placebo group.

The supplement group also showed a significant reduction in their subjective rating of perceived exertion, which is used to assess overall muscular effort and fatigue.

The study, done by academic researchers, adds to a substantial body of evidence showing the benefits of Zynamite combined with quercetin – a synergetic combination commercially available as Zynamite PX. 

Zynamite is Nektium’s patented mango leaf extract for mental and physical stimulation, offering similar benefits to caffeine but without side effects such as jitters and energy crashes.

It has been shown to reduce mental fatigue, increase brain activity and improve reaction time.

Zynamite PX was developed specifically for sports nutrition and has been shown to support athletic performance in both men and women when taken before exercise.

Research has demonstrated that it can enhance maximal oxygen uptake and peak power output during sprinting as well as accelerating recovery and reducing muscle pain and damage. 

In 2023, a study published in Nutrients also revealed that Zynamite PX has exercise-mimetic properties, triggering a biochemical response in skeletal muscle fibres at rest that is similar to that elicited by regular exercise.

Bruno Berheide, Nektium’s Commercial & Partnership Director said: “This new, independent study featuring professional basketball players now adds further evidence of the synergetic advantages of mango leaf extract and quercetin for elite athletic performance.”

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