Rousselot offers a comprehensive range of premium products and solutions, from functional gelatins to collagen peptides. Our expertise enables us to assist you in designing collagen-based dietary supplements that meet holistic well-being or more targeted health needs, as well as innovative, consumer-friendly delivery formats. Reaching further together.

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Collagen solutions for a world of benefits

Our innovative collagen-based ingredients answer today’s demand for dietary solutions offering proven efficacy, full safety and premium quality. Our range of products includes Peptan ®, Peptinex ® and ProTake ® hydrolysed collagens.



Discover our brands:

Peptan – A world of potential Find out more here

Peptan is the world’s leading collagen peptides brand, rapidly gaining popularity among beauty seekers, sports professionals, healthy agers, and mainstream consumers. Peptan collagen peptides are bioactive collagen peptides developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties. Scientific studies have demonstrated Peptan’s ability to promote healthy living, with holistic benefits in key areas such as healthy aging, mobility, beauty from within, and sports nutrition.

Colartix ® - Flex in motion Find out more here

Colartix is a unique hydrolysed cartilage matrix from natural cartilage, specifically designed to promote healthy joints and offer multiple benefits in this critical area of health. In a recent placebo-controlled consumer study involving over 200 consumers of different genders, ages, and activity types, a daily intake of 1g Colartix demonstrated a steady decrease in joint discomfort after only 3 weeks. Colartix can help nutra- and pharma manufacturers uniquely position their joint health supplement in the market.

Peptinex ® Find out more here

Reach your best potential with Peptinex. Meeting the growing market demand for collagen-based products, Peptinex is ideal for collagen enrichment.

ProTake® –  Unlock application potential Find out more here

In the process of developing reformulated foods and beverages, ProTake helps you increase collagen protein content and improve texture.

World-class gelatins by Rousselot

The effectiveness of nutra-, pharmaceutical and medical supplements is closely linked to the form in which these supplements are delivered. Gelatin has proven itself as a natural, safe and highly versatile excipient for most delivery forms in use today.

Discover our brands:

- StabiCaps™ - Getting your softgels just right - Find out more here

Because of its unique functional capabilities and excellent dissolution properties, gelatin is by far the main ingredient in soft gelatin capsules. But when working with specific fills, manufacturers may experience cross-linking issues that unfavourably affect softgel stability. StabiCaps is a range of gelatins tailored to prevent crosslinking in softgels and thus to increase their stability. It is the perfect solution for the most reactive fills.



- SiMoGel™ - Gelatin, one step ahead - Find out more here

SiMoGel is a new gelatin-based solution for the production of gummies without starch depositing. SiMoGel enables manufacturers to produce gummies in a perfectly clean, hygienic (starch-free) environment. It significantly optimizes the production process and lowers the costs. It paves the way for innovative gummies with 3D shapes, stripes, and fillings.



In 2020, Rousselot invented the “gummy caps”, a new delivery form based on SiMoGel and combining the benefits of capsules, soft gels, and gummies in a single delivery format. Gummy caps can be used to deliver a broad range of active ingredients at highly accurate dosages. Click here to know more.

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