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Westfalia: Empowerment through education

In the past three years in South Africa Westfalia has awarded 45 bursaries, welcomed 28 in-service participants and 45 hosted learners

Watch: Faravelli releases video pledging commitment to diversity

The company has grown from a small local business to a globally recognised group with a presence in Europe, the United States and China

Get ahead of the curve in 2023 with a subscription

Keep abreast of significant nutraceutical developments around the world

Turning the corner: practitioner channel for supplements offers growth and value

Having addressed threats from resellers, channel enjoys renewed tailwinds, reports Bakley Smith, CFA, Director of VMS at Green Circle Capital Partners

Geno launches ingredient for mental clarity and athletic performance

The functional ingredient helps companies meet increasing consumer demand for keto products

KLK OLEO set for a SupplySide West appearance

The company will be showcasing at booth 6601 with PALMESTER MCT (Oil and Powder) and DavosLife E3 Tocotrienols

HFSS food ads: key takeaways from the ASA's latest rulings

The ASA has had a positive flurry of activity on high fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) food ads, delivering rulings in no less than four cases on 8 August...

How to boost the conversion rate of your e-commerce website in the manufacturing industry

Fifty three per cent of businesses spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on boosting their conversion rates, and 35% of businesses hav...

Glanbia Ireland rebrands as Tirlán

The food and nutrition business' new identity “reflects the unique characteristics that define the dynamic organisation”

Africa Food Manufacturing event returns for 10th edition

In response to increasing market demand, organisers say, bakery & confectionery products are a key focus of the event in 2022

The changing face of supplement ingredient delivery

Retail shelves, both physical and virtual, are changing

Fi Asia returns in dual locations and online

There has been an accelerated shift towards healthier food and beverage options, including unprocessed or minimally processed foods such as fresh p...

How to approach millennials

Why social media matters, explains Jeff Hilton, co-founder and CMO, BrandHive

Lycored highlights ingredient 'love story' for Valentine's

Inspiration for the campaign was the synergy between lycopene, an ingredient in its Lycomato product, and astaxanthin, the key carotenoid in LycoAsta

How is the millennial viewpoint different?

Millennials have a peculiar relationship with brands