A new identity for FARA: Faravelli's customised functional solutions

Published: 12-Dec-2023

At the recent Fi Europe event, Faravelli Group proudly revealed the all-new logo and mission statement for its esteemed FARA line of customised functional solutions

The selection of the redesigned FARA logo emerged from an extensive internal survey involving employees across the globe.

This inclusive process ensured that the logo resonates not only with the company's forward-thinking ethos, but also encapsulates the essence of tradition and heritage deeply rooted within Faravelli's values.

Since its establishment in 2004, the FARA line has been synonymous with cutting-edge customised functional blends designed and produced by the in-house Faravelli's Application Laboratory.

FARA customised functional solutions are designed to improve the quality, stability and sensory characteristics of food products.

They have a significant impact on consistency, viscosity, texture and appearance. Of fundamental importance in various production processes, they offer versatility and consistent performance.

They are widely used in sectors such as confectionery, meat production, plant-based products and beverages.

The fresh logo, while exuding modernity, retains an unmistakable connection to the line's rich history, embodying Faravelli's dedication to preserving its foundational values amid innovation.

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