FARAVELLI is a global first-class distributor of raw materials for the food, animal nutrition, nutraceutical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industry

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FARAVELLI is a strategic partner offering customers top quality ingredients and raw materials served via just-in- time solutions; an integrated approach meant to bring more synergies to customers’ advantage.

FARAVELLI Nutra Division deals with the distribution of raw materials and ingredients of natural and biotechnological extraction for food supplements and functional foods of high quality and nutritional value.

It collaborates with internationally renowned producers and relies on a team of professionals able to support the customer from both a purely commercial and exquisitely technical and scientific point of view.

From our partners, the best selection of excipients, mineral salts, yeasts, antioxidants, amino acids, sugars and derivates, vitamins, proteins, fibers, fatty acids, sweeteners, weight control agents, immune system boosters, natural carotenoids, articular protection agents.

The Best ingredients for a better life!

Every day at Faravelli we work to create "harmonious" connections with our stakeholders and build strong relations.

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