PharmaLinea’s >Your< UTI Free improves antibiotic therapy outcomes and reduces recurrence, study finds

Published: 23-Feb-2024

The infection recurrence rate was 3,7 times lower than in the control group, with a majority of subjects seeing no repeat infection

In light of the upcoming International Women’s Day, PharmaLinea has announced the publication of a new clinical study, addressing one of the most pressing global health issues for women – recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

In the newly published study, the addition of >Your< UTI Free Sachets to antibiotic treatment resulted in a significantly lower frequency of relapses and a significantly higher quality of life when compared to drug treatment alone. 


The issue

UTIs affect around 400 million people yearly and about 50% of women suffer from UTIs at least once in their lifetime. 

The majority of patients are prescribed antibiotics, but 30% of women affected by a UTI experience at least one recurrent infection. 

This substantial group of chronic UTI patients suffer a significant impact on their quality of life, with limited solutions at their disposal. 

“Recurrent infections are not only an immediate issue for the consumer, but can have larger implications. Repeating UTIs and subsequent prescriptions of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance - one of the most pressing global issues.”


The trial

The clinical trial aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of >Your< UTI Free Sachets in women with acute cystitis and their effect on the recurrence of lower UTIs. 

The study included 98 female patients aged 18-80 years with active acute cystitis, which was confirmed by a positive bacteriological urine test. 

The participants were randomised into 2 groups. Both groups received standard antibiotic therapy, while the study group additionally received >Your< UTI Free Sachets. The trial lasted 12 weeks and aimed to measure the frequency of disease relapses and assess quality of life improvements.



The addition of >Your< UTI Free Sachets to standard antibiotic therapy resulted in a significantly lower frequency of relapses and a significantly higher quality of life when compared to antibiotic treatment alone.

The recurrence rate in the study group was found to be 3,7 times lower than in the control group. 

While the median number of recurrences per person in the control group was 1, the infection did not recur at all in the majority of the study group. 


Trial implications

The outcome of the trial means healthcare professionals now finally have a solution they can confidently prescribe and rely on the likelihood of relapse being minimised. 

Women with chronic issues have gained not just a short-term remedy but a lasting resolution, leading to a substantially improved quality of life. 

Brand owners, in turn, are presented with a proven product they can efficiently promote through healthcare professionals, distinguishing them from competitors. 

Not only one but two clinical studies have now been completed on the product, adding substantial credibility.

“Already a commercial success, the product has secured the number one spot in two European markets and has been launched by brand owners in multiple markets across Europe, Asia, LATAM, and the Middle East. The new clinical data is bound to only increase the opportunity, “ said Jernej Klopčič, PharmaLinea’s Business Development Director.

“It is a great example of how nutraceutical solutions can not only prevent or help with recovery but also complement traditional pharmaceutical products to improve treatment. 


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