PharmaLinea launches new clinically backed sleep quality supplement

Published: 7-Nov-2023

>Your< Good Night Acute sticks address a turning point in the sleep market

PharmaLinea is introducing its latest nutraceutical innovation. >Your< Good Night Acute Sticks are a clinically supported private label food supplement for the improvement of several sleep quality parameters and an immediate effect on acute sleep latency issues.

The product comes at a timely moment, as the market evolves into its next stage.

Stress and sleep has been the fastest-growing dietary supplement category for 3 years in a row; yet, the current market offer is proving to be unsatisfactory (Euromonitor).

Most of the available products are based on commodity herbals with questionable efficacy (only relying on historical use and bibliographical data), the formulations are highly repetitive and they lack clinical support.

They also fail to address sleep quality holistically through parameters such as sleep duration, efficiency, disturbances, daytime dysfunctions and so forth.

Consequently, sleeping problems are the category in which consumers are least satisfied with their current treatment (more than 22% of global consumers in 2022, according to Euromonitor’s Health & Nation Survey) and are frequently looking for new solutions (around 50% of global consumers in 2022). 

Owing to education and wearable technology, consumers are starting to recognise the value of sleep quality and its various parameters ... aside from falling asleep quickly.

“So many people are tracking their sleep with wearable devices and apps and analysing the results. They see the various stages of sleep, how many times they woke up, and how long they were in bed."

"They mark in apps how well-rested they were in the morning and track progress. With all the conversation, consumers are also recognising the effect sleep quality has on other areas of their life, such as immunity, cognition, metabolism and mood."

"As a result of all of this, leading brands are starting to communicate various sleep quality parameters in their new products. This year’s launches by Bayer in Germany, Neuriva in the US, and Normon in Spain all state sleep quality, restful sleep, feeling refreshed, reducing nocturnal awakenings, maintaining restful sleep etc. on the front of the pack."

"They are paving the way for products with an added-value formulation, clinically supported to improve sleep quality in the long-term, such as >Your< Good Night Acute Sticks,” commented PharmaLinea’s Marketing & PR Director, Matevž Ambrožič.

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>Your< Good Night Acute Sticks are based on a unique patented ingredient Qnight with nine gold standard clinical trials showing results such as 73% higher sleep efficiency.

They are supported by melatonin for an immediate effect on sleep latency, along with recognized ingredients magnesium and vitamin B6.

As a whole, the formulation and the delivery format of on-the-go stick packs are ideal for short-term support of acute issues with sleep latency — such as during particularly stressful periods in life or when experiencing jet lag. 

The product is a part of >Your< Good Night Line which also offers melatonin-free options for children and adults, in various user-friendly formats. The line is proven in various markets, showing great results, user reviews and doctor feedback.

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