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Nutricosmetic blend from Monteloeder receives support from anti-ageing study

The blend with four botanical ingredients has been studied in new research looking at cellular pathways

Pressure BioSciences and NutraLife Biosciences renew partnership

The two companies have made a fresh partnership to focus on combining PBIO's UltraShear Nanoemulsification platform with NLBS's highly-effective nu...

Ampacet launches PET packaging with weathered glass effect

The US-based plastic moulding company has launched a new product that is ideal for nutraceuticals

Facing the future: a new approach to nutrition

If there’s a single defining aspect of the last 20 years, it must surely be the rapid pace of change throughout all areas of society. The developme...

Get ahead of the curve in 2023 with a subscription

Keep abreast of significant nutraceutical developments around the world

Clasado reveals new look for its D2C prebiotic

The supplement’s new identity marks the next significant evolution for both the Bimuno range and Clasado Biosciences

Nutraceutical science: delivering beauty enhancing gummies with a smile

Meeting customer expectations for gummies is increasingly difficult. Sugar is on its way out and today’s nutritional and beauty enhancing compounds...

Lallemand set to present at Cosmetic 360

The company will be offering Cerebiome, a unique probiotic solution acting upon the microbiome-gut-brain axis

Syntr Health Technologies partners with HAPPYBOND to combat canine osteoarthritia

Syntr and HAPPYBOND have partnered to use collagen to combat degenerative joint disease in canines

Vaping vitamins: the rise of non-nicotine wellness vaping products

It’s believed that almost 4 million adults in the UK are vapers who choose e-cigarettes as their nicotine product of choice. And it’s this trend th...

Bon Natural Life launches powder drink for anti-H. Pylori and digestive health

The bio-ingredient solutions provider in the natural, health and personal care industries has launched a new cruciferous vegetable-based probiotic...

Vibe Mushrooms launches five mushroom extracts

The company has launched the five extracts that can be sold directly to consumers or to businesses to be used as supplemental ingredients