Nutraceutical market trends for 2024

Published: 31-Jan-2024

PharmaLinea highlights the current trends they discussed in a webinar with IQVIA


Pain relief is an untapped segment in the nutraceutical industry, which has recently received increased recognition from large companies and industry professionals. 

While supplements are yet to gain substantial traction in addressing pain, notable players such as Haleon are making strides in areas like joint health and migraine relief. 

With a focus on effective ingredients such as PEA, companies are strategically positioning themselves to cater to the growing population seeking natural alternatives to traditional pain medications.

Women’s health

The women’s health supplement market is experiencing a dual trend – the exploration of niche segments such as menopause or prenatal and a broader focus on general well-being. 

In the French market, subsegments such as libido and intimate comfort are witnessing substantial growth. A unique and less addressed niche in women’s health is HPV, where innovative solutions like Pervistop from Lo.Li.Pharma are gaining traction. 

Beyond specific conditions, there is a rising demand for supplements addressing general health needs, such as digestive health, cardiovascular health and bone health, positioned for the female demographic.

Healthy ageing

The healthy ageing topic is not new; however, it is coming more and more into realisation in the industry. The market is evolving beyond traditional products for joint and cardiovascular health, embracing a preventive approach for middle-aged individuals. 

Consumers are increasingly proactive, seeking supplements to support overall well-being before the onset of age-related issues. Influencersand podcasts play a crucial role in promoting this shift, with companies like Bayer and Sanofi strategically partnering with health tech firms to provide personalised solutions. 

Positive pro-age marketing is challenging traditional stereotypes, emphasising the importance of embracing ageing while maintaining health through tailored supplementation.


Hydration supplements have emerged as the fastest-growing category, transcending sports nutrition to become a lifestyle product. 

The trend is again fueled by influencers – for example, #WaterTok surpassed 1 billion views on TikTok and Prime Hydration was so successful with their scarcity marketing that their bottle became a status symbol, selling for hundreds of dollars online.

Pharma companies, such as STADA, are expanding into this space, recognising the potential beyond traditional applications. 

Differentiation strategies include products with added benefits like stress relief, energy and immunity. 

Sugar-free variants are also gaining popularity, indicating diverse positioning opportunities for hydration supplements.


Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising various aspects of the nutraceutical industry, from ingredient discovery to formulation and customer experience. 

AI-driven platforms such as Forager and Magnifier are accelerating the identification of bioactive compounds and predicting their impact on biological pathways, whereas large language models and GPTs are enabling efficient data analysis and formulation recommendations. 

Companies like Maxwellia are utilising AI to create artificial influencers for education and marketing purposes, showcasing the diverse applications of AI in the industry.



Jellies present an exciting and tasty user experience with high capacity for active ingredients. 

Popular in Asia, especially in Korea and Japan, jellies are gaining attention for their appeal to both adults and children. The format allows for easy consumption of various actives, making it a potential breakthrough in supplement delivery systems. 

Experts predict that jellies will become the next big format, offering a unique blend of flavour, texture and a high payload system for delivering nutraceutical benefits.

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