Verdure launches first sustainability report

Published: 19-Apr-2022

Initially founded as Geni Herbs in 1997 by founder & CEO Ajay Patel, the company supplies clinically backed plant-based ingredients to the global market

To mark its 25th year, Verdure Sciences has created its first Sustainability, Global Stewardship & Environmental Impact Report, and will share its efforts throughout the remainder of the year.

“Throughout the pandemic, the big takeaways and messages have heavily focused on supply chain mitigation for all companies. In addition to supply chain scrutiny, sustainability, traceability, and transparency have all been key points of discussion as nearly all industries have faced challenges with value chain and consistent supply,” said Kristen Marshall, Digital Marketing Manager, Verdure Sciences.

“Building trust and providing transparent messaging for formulators and finished product manufacturers through sustainable and traceable initiatives continues to find a place in primary messages. For Verdure's customers, supply chain security and reliable solutions, supported by transparency and traceability have provided an added layer of confidence in the extracts supplied and make the choice to partner with us an easier one.”

When asked about sustainable & upcycled ingredients, 63% of global consumers said these ingredients are better for the environment in general, 62% said these ingredients help address the issue of food waste, 50% indicated the ingredients sound more ethical, and 35% of global consumers said sustainable and upcycled ingredients sound more natural.

In tandem with traceable, trustworthy brands, consumers are also showing increased concern around the adulteration of botanical. Verdure says it’s a priority for the brand to maintain a responsibility for its supply chain mitigation, brand transparency and traceability, as well as supportive efforts for recognisable and sustainable solutions for the global marketplace.

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