CARBIOS Active added to FDA inventory of food contact substances

Published: 5-Mar-2024

PLA packaging integrating CARBIOS Active is 100% compostable even at ambient temperatures, supporting food and beverage brands to achieve their sustainability commitments

CARBIOS has announced that CARBIOS Active, its enzymatic solution for the biodegradation of PLA, is included in the US Food and Drug Administration Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substances (FCS) with the Assigned Food Contact Notification (FCN) 2325, effective since 29 February 2024.

With this milestone, CARBIOS Active can be used to make packaging materials that are sold in the United States and come into contact with food, including rigid and flexible packaging, and other applications.

Integrated directly into plastic conversion processes, CARBIOS Active enables the creation of a new generation of PLA (polylactic acid) that is 100% compostable, even at ambient temperature, without leaving toxic residues or microplastics.

PLA plastic which includes this unique enzymatic solution is certified for industrial and home composting. CARBIOS Active was recently certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), North America’s leading authority on compostable products and packaging.

Food Contact Notification and BPI certification ensure the quality of CARBIOS Active, providing brand owners and industrial composters with a reliable solution for designing and marketing fully biodegradable packaging, aligning with circularity commitments.

Emmanuel Ladent, CEO of CARBIOS, said: “For CARBIOS, product safety is of utmost priority and we consider FCN from the FDA to be the gold standard."

"The US is a key market for CARBIOS’ biodegradation solution and we expect the FCN clearance to drive significant additional demand in North America in 2024. Well done to the teams from our biodegradation division for their relentless efforts.”

Stuart MacDonald, Senior Adviser for CARBIOS Biodegradation Division, North America, added: “CARBIOS is strategically forging commercial partnerships for its biodegradation solution with a specific focus on the US market."

"The consumer growing willingness to pay for green combined to increasing EPR regulations are putting pressure on brands and packaging industries to market more sustainable products, and CARBIOS Active answers their needs for improved circularity.”

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