Symrise Division, Diana Food, launches clean label, organic and Fair Trade acerola powder

Published: 24-Sep-2020

Supports increasing consumer demand for clean and healthy ingredients

In response to increased consumer demand for natural and healthy products to support their well-being, Diana Food has announced the availability of clean label, organic and Fair Trade certified acerola powder for nutritional products.

Diana Food has obtained the Fair Trade “Fair for Life” (FFL) certification, extending its range with a new, clean label, organic and fair trade acerola powder that addresses the market’s need for immunity-boosting solutions, while adding environmental and social value to the product.

Diana Food is the first ingredient supplier to offer Fair Trade-certified acerola powder to the market. Suitable for tablets, beverages, and functional foods — as well as in savoury or bakery for food preservation in some countries — this acerola powder contains a high level of antioxidants, is as clean as dried-on acacia fibre and offers the distinctive benefits of FFL certification.

Although consumer demand for natural and healthy products has been an ongoing trend, it has further accelerated owing to an increased emphasis on wellness and clean living caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the current dynamic, consumers are more and more likely to adopt preventive health behaviours, with immunity boosting cited as a major concern. According to Mintel, 35% of US consumers are motivated to purchase nutrition products or meal replacement drinks that support immune health.

Diana Food has spent the last 20 years building and enhancing its expertise in sourcing acerola from Northeast Brazil.

With its proximity to farmers and its team of in-house agronomists, Diana Food has established a strong foothold in the region, which is well known for the quality and efficacy of its acerola owing to its rich vitamin C content.

Nuria Macias, Global Sustainability Manager at Diana Food, further explained: “Achieving Fair Trade certification is a serious accomplishment. It means that our company and our facilities have been audited by a third party for quality, traceability, food safety, social and environmental performance."

"Our Fair Trade certification demands a long term engagement with our suppliers so acerola growers have the certainty that the projects they undertake will receive ongoing support from us in the long run.”

This certification will be submitted to FFL label auditors’ visits on a yearly basis to assess and control the positive impact of partnering with our growers on the product quality, the environment and the local community.

The launch of our new fair trade certified acerola powder represents a significant step forward in our sustainability approach, which is focused on delivering trust to our direct and non-direct stakeholders through high performing products that are clean labeled and respectful of both the environment and our community.

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