Symrise proclaims World Vanilla Day to be April 10

Published: 9-Apr-2024

The novel proclamation celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first synthetic production of vanillin

April 10, 1874, marks the birth of the company we know today as Symrise. 

On this day, Wilhelm Haarmann received the patent for the synthetic production of vanillin – the start of a journey that would change the world of flavours and fragrances forever. 

Until this date in early April 1874, vanilla was known as the “queen of spices”, which only the wealthy could afford. 

Haarmann’s breakthrough therefore marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the fragrance and flavour industry. At the same time, his innovation ensured that large sections of the population could enjoy the taste that is so popular today.

This milestone will therefore be celebrated, with Symrise announcing that April 10, 2024 will be World Vanilla day – the 150th anniversary of the patient grant.

“We are thus celebrating the step that led to the foundation of the company that later became Symrise. At the same time, it stands for the birth of a global industry that produced numerous innovations. From a small wooden house in Altendorf on the Holzminde stream in Lower Saxony, vanillin conquered the world and inspired generations of scientists and entrepreneurs,” says Dr Jean-Yves Parisot, CEO of Symrise.

To this day, the pioneering spirit of Haarmann and his colleagues and business partners Karl Reimer and Ferdinand Tiemann lives on in Symrise’s DNA. 

It has led to a series of notable inventions, innovations and business practices. Today, Symrise conducts business as a multinational group in around 160 countries.


One campaign, twelve months, 150 facets of innovation

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of vanillin and to honour Symrise’s role as a pioneer and shaper of the industry, the company is launching a twelve-month campaign with the slogan “150 shades of innovation”. 

As the main highlight of these celebrations, Symrise has officially proclaimed April 10 as World Vanilla Day. 

It marks the start of a new tradition that will provide an annual opportunity to recognise the groundbreaking role vanillin has played in the history of the fragrance and flavour industry, while celebrating the innovations and advancements with which Symrise is driving this industry forward.

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