Vitafoods Europe: AstaReal promotes healthy ageing with astaxanthin

Published: 8-Mar-2019

The Swedish supplier will showcase its range of the natural caretenoid and give a talk on the benefits at the nutraceutical trade fair

The range of natural astaxanthin products from AstaReal will be presented at Vitafoods Europe 2019. The supplement can be used to help a wide variety of applications. From improved vision to skin health, mental sharpness and better muscle performance, natural astaxanthin offers scientifically backed benefits for healthy ageing.

As a pioneer in natural astaxanthin cultivation and R&D, AstaReal will be presenting its product range and various prototypes at this year’s Vitafoods Europe. The company will showcase effervescent tablets, soft gums and innovative bulk products.

At AstaReal’s booth, representatives will be talking to visitors about dosage forms and the company’s cultivation process. In addition to a booth, AstaReal’s expert, Dr Mark Miller, will highlight the latest findings on how the natural nutrient can support healthy ageing in a talk on Tuesday 7 May at 15:40 on the Life Stages Theatre.

Derived from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis, astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid. Unlike other antioxidants, its unique structure enables it to target free radicals in the inner and outer layer of the cell membrane, thus protecting cells from oxidative stress. In doing so, astaxanthin can benefit many body functions.

Andie Long, Marketing and Sales Manager at AstaReal, said: “AstaReal natural Astaxanthin can be used in many different formulas targeting sports and recovery, skin health, eye and brain health, cardiovascular support and immunity.”

Long added that the product is scientifically backed, safe and of the highest quality, citing the stringent controls in the cultivation process.


Vitafoods will take place on 7-9 May 2019 at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland.

At the event, AstaReal can be found at booth J30.

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