AstaReal to present astaxanthin ingredients at Vitafoods

Published: 12-Aug-2021

In more than 60 human clinical studies, AstaReal says, its natural astaxanthin has shown several healthy ageing benefits

Astaxanthin ingredient supplier AstaReal will be focusing on products for healthy ageing and immunity at this year’s Vitafoods Europe. The company will showcase chewable capsules, liquid shots, sachets and soft gum prototypes, and demonstrate how its Astaxanthin can be combined with various other health-promoting ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, pro- and prebiotics or plant extracts. It will also discuss how microalgae-derived astaxanthin is a natural, sustainable nutrient that aligns with emerging, plant-based product trends.

In more than 60 human clinical studies, AstaReal says, its natural astaxanthin has shown several healthy ageing benefits such as improved vision, stronger cognitive function, better muscle health and smoother skin texture. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the ingredient also has the ability to balance and strengthen the immune system.

It also satisfies the growing demand for sustainable, plant-based ingredients. Microalgae supply fish and krill with astaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids, and function as a sustainable, as well as vegetarian, alternative to both.

The company offers natural astaxanthin in many different forms, such as cold-water dispersible powders, oil extracts and water-soluble emulsions. There are numerous processing options and possibilities for combining it with other ingredients in liquid shot, soft gummy, sachet or capsule format. However, when creating a dosage form, manufacturers must bear in mind changing customer needs, along with ingredient compatibility, rate of absorption, the avoidance of unpleasant odours or tastes, product stability and manufacturing efficiency.

Peter Ahlm, Marketing & Sales Manager at AstaReal, said: “In light of the coronavirus crisis, in particular, healthy ageing and immune health have become priorities for consumers of all ages. Millennials, fitness enthusiasts and many others want to extend their healthspan – the part of life during which we feel well – and are therefore seeking targeted nutritional support. In addition, the pandemic has illustrated just how interconnected our health is to that of the planet and has increased consumer interest in environmentally sound products, as they are considered better and healthier. Astaxanthin is a natural, multi-functional ingredient that perfectly meets these needs.”

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