Important new collaboration for transparency in natural health products

Published: 21-Apr-2023

TRC Healthcare and Empowered By Evidence have collaborated to drives increased transparency for evidence-based natural health products

TRC Healthcare, creator of Natural Medicines, a leading source for evidence-based education and data on natural medicines and complementary therapies, has announced its partnership with Empowered By Evidence (EBE), a global independent not-for-profit supporting scientific evidence in the natural health sector to assist informed natural health product choice based on scientific evidence.

TRC's Natural Medicines visibly identifies products that meet quality or manufacturing standards of independent third-party organisations.

With this new integration, EBE certified products are added to the list of TRC's third-party partners like USP and Canadian Licensed Natural Health Products. The addition of the EBE seal allows users of the world's largest natural medicines database to identify products that meet the EBE standards of being reproducibly made and supported by specific clinical trial evidence.

Natural medicine products, due to their natural origin and complex chemical composition, often vary between brands. They can also vary between batches of the same brand. EBE tests each batch of the same brand to ensure batch to batch reproducibility. The first successfully EBE certified products are now flagged for clear identification in TRC Healthcare's Natural Medicines.

"Collaborating to identify EBE certified products in Natural Medicines allows industry professionals to find these products easily, linking high-quality commercially available products to their specific evidence," said Wes Crews, TRC Healthcare CEO. "As the leading provider of natural medicines information for health agencies, organizations and individual providers, this helps ensure our commitment to deliver the highest quality content."

The EBE's global expert team have developed an independent, robust, transparent certification process for products. Products that reach the certification standard have been specifically tested in clinical trials and have proven that today's batches are equivalent to the ones used in the trials.

"Making science-based natural health product choices is very challenging", says Nigel Pollard, Chair of the Board of Directors of EBE. "Independent, trustworthy information, like that provided by TRC Healthcare's Natural Medicines, is essential. Until now, there has been no way to find the exact products that can deliver results shown in specific clinical trials."

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