Harnessing the qualities of the leaf


An overview of PureCircle’s achievements and a look ahead to 2017

As the world’s leading producer of high purity stevia ingredients, we continue into 2016, leveraging this small leaf’s huge influence on the world. Our passion for taste and reducing calories with a naturally sweet option, is complemented by our mission to have a positive impact on our planet.

Our growing portfolio: During the last year, we have built on our ethos and strong portfolio to create a robust toolkit of more than 20 stevia ingredients that have positively contributed to nearly 3000 launches across Europe. Plus we’ve worked with some of the top European food and beverage manufacturers.

The launch of the matrix solutions: Recent launches within the PureCircle Matrix Solutions are our Sigma products - the culmination of years of research, a deeper understanding of the stevia leaf and its qualities, resulting in better taste and deeper reductions.

The R&D team has produced stevia products designed for optimal performance in category specific innovations that break down taste barriers associated with sugar reductions. In dairy, Sigma-D has been welcomed by the industry since 2015. In the iced tea market, we have been working with existing and new customers with our Sigma-T products, creating a positive effect on the speed-to-market of new launches.

How is 2017 looking?

Our momentum continues to add pace, with some game-changing launches taking place. Through natural, intelligent cross-breading programmes to develop the quality of the leaf, we are looking forward to more breakthroughs during the next few months.

We will be talking more about the PureCircle Agronomy Programm3 – our continued commitment to the stevia plant, the farmers who masterly work with it, and naturally scaling the leaf to create the best tasting products. Our sustainability commitment remains at the heart of everything we do and supply chain integrity is paramount to our customers.

Sue Bancroft, VP, Group Sales PureCircle, sums up the company’s focus: “It’s our mission to scale stevia as the next natural mainstream sustainable sweetener. To do so, we have deeply invested in all aspects of stevia from farming, extraction and purification to R&D, innovation, application support, consumer communication and education.” Sign up for your free email newsletter

"We are ready for an exciting time ahead, and continue to enjoy being part of the sugar debate, creating naturally sourced solutions that provide choice to the consumer and their family without compromising on last," she added.