PureCircle expands UK stevia portfolio with new ingredient approvals

Published: 18-Jun-2024

The approval of Reb D and Reb M in the UK market allows food and beverage manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe to use the same stevia products

PureCircle, the Stevia-focused subsidiary of Ingredient, will now be able to offer Reb D and Reb M in addition to its broad portfolio of existing stevia sweeteners and natural flavour modifiers.

This has resulted from UK approval of PureCircle’s steviol glycosides produced via bioconversion, and will be effective from the 28 June 2024. 

These sweeteners have previously been approved for use in the EU.

Bioconversion for optimal sweetness

PureCircle’s bioconversion process mirrors the plant’s natural ingredient production process, creating a non-GM stevia sweetener with high sweetness quality, clean taste and zero calories in use. 

As the stevia plant goes through the maturation process, various ingredients are formed. 

By adding enzymes to purified stevia leaf extract, the maturation of Reb M is complete — which occurs naturally in the organism.
Director of Healthful Solutions for the EMEA region, Sue Bancroft, commented: “With the approval of PureCircle’s proprietary bioconversion process in the UK, we are empowering our food and beverage partners with the choice to explore the best stevia solutions for their specific product and application. Whether from leaf extract or bioconversion, this approval opens the door for companies to create better tasting products, without the calories.”

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