Individual well-being at the heart of GoodMills' product development

Published: 22-Oct-2018

The company will present long-forgotten, improved grain ingredients with added nutritional value at Hi Europe & Ni, booth number 8C10

GoodMills Innovation will be focusing on "good gut feeling" at Hi Europe from 27–29 November and revealing new developments in ancient grains.

Both the selenium-rich 2ab Wheat and the Tartary Buckwheat containing rutin and zinc are ideal for product concepts in the field of intestinal health.

Trade visitors can also find out about a prebiotic wholemeal concentrate of finely ground bran in advance of its market launch.

Professor Ivan Kreft, emeritus of the Faculty of Biotechnics in Ljubljana, will be a guest at the booth. An expert on Tartary Buckwheat, he will be explaining the nutritional advantages of this almost forgotten raw material.

Visitors to the booth will also be able to sample bread and pastries made from GoodMills Innovation’s value-added ingredients.

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly aware that the intestine and its microflora play a major role in their feeling of well-being and long-term health. And that’s why nutritionists recommend special dietary fibres, so-called microbiota accessible carbohydrates (MAC), as food for the intestinal microbiome.

Bright, fine and rich in MAC: Fourth-generation whole grain

The ultra finely ground whole grain White Gold is a concentrate consisting of micronised wheat bran. While the microbiome often excretes conventional wholemeal flour undigested due to its coarse particle structure, this ultra-fine pulverisation makes the so-called "High MAC bran" highly bioavailable.

In bakery products, White Gold also adds a light colour and slightly sweet taste. GoodMills Innovation will launch this novel whole grain ingredient in early 2019. White Gold is perfect for use in prebiotic baked goods, as well as biscuits, cakes or high MAC shakes.

Michael Gusko, Managing Director of GoodMills Innovation, said: "Today we know how important it is to keep the intestine healthy for our overall well-being. Science has been able to prove links between a disturbed gut microbiome and obesity, inflammatory diseases and even neurological disorders."

"That is why we develop grain-based ingredients that are particularly valuable for our bacterial roommates. Low and no carb concepts must now be replaced by a personalised diet with the right carbohydrates: High MAC."

Ancient grain bakery products with metabolic power

With 2ab Wheat, the innovation division of Europe's largest milling group has an ancient grain in its portfolio, which is more tolerable than modern wheat for many consumers because it contains less fermentable oligo, di and monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAPs) and no difficult-to-digest D-gluten.

As an extension of the 2ab concept the product developers created a recipe for an ancient grain bread with metabolic power, based on 2ab Wheat flour and crispies from Tartary Buckwheat. It can be used to bake a bread that supports carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and is also suitable for "sensitive eaters".

Under the name Rutin X the Hamburg grain company offers flour and the mentioned crispies from fermented Tartary Buckwheat. Compared to common buckwheat, it contains a hundred times more rutin, an active ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine, and is now recognised in Europe for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. It also contains the trace element zinc, which helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism.

Product developers at GoodMills Innovation succeeded in removing the strong bitter taste of rutin in this prehistoric buckwheat variety thanks to a patented fermentation process that does not diminish the ingredient’s nutritional benefits. RUTIN X is suitable for bread and roll recipes; other possible applications, such as long-life bakery products, are currently being tested.

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