Snow prebiotic fibres to boost gut health

Published: 21-Jun-2024

The prebiotic fibre with seven subtypes allows improved dietary fibre intake without compromising on taste or texture, according to the company

GoodMills Innovation has launched a combination of seven different dietary fibres for use in bread, rolls, sandwiches and more: Snow Prebiotic Fibres. 

As well as their microbial benefits, the formulation allows for the creation of products with favourable flavour and texture profiles. 

The prebiotic fibres promise light coloured, high-fibre baked goods without any loss of texture.


Combining taste and functional food benefits

The combination of dietary fibres used in the formulation will have a positive impact on the gut microbiome, which has been proven to be key in supporting overall health.

A high fibre content is usually notable in the taste and mouthfeel of baked goods, though GoodMills Innovation claims to have gotten the balance between the functional food benefits of enhanced dietary fibres and taste.

Manager of baking and snacks at GoodMills Innovation, Max Weber, commented: ”By finely balancing acacia fibre, fermented wheat bran, oat fibre, pea fibre, chicory root fibre, citrus fibre and rye bran, we were not only able to eliminate undesirable off-flavours such as bitter or astringent notes, but also achieve a pleasantly short bite in baked goods. The combination of different fibres also promises a broader spectrum of effects on the development of healthy gut flora."


Easy processing

Snow Prebiotic Fibres can be processed without any major adjustments or investments, as they are used in a 1:1 ratio with wheat flour. 

The processing is very similar to recipes without added fibre and the rheological properties of the dough remain unchanged.


Seven dietary fibres for optimal benefits

Various microorganisms in the gut will rely on different fibres as their food source, so making multiple fibre types available will support gut microbiome diversity and help to bolster immune health in the process — according to GoodMills Innovation.

Western diets and busy lifestyles make it difficult for consumers to get the recommended 25-30g of fibre a day. In order to plug this ‘fibre gap’, Snow Prebiotic Fibres offer manufacturers the opportunity to capitalise on the growing demand for fibre-rich convenience bakery products. 

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