Diana Food’s carrot juice powder recognised at the 2019 Sustainable Food Awards

Published: 29-Jul-2019

This carrot juice powder is part of Diana Food’s latest generation of premium juice concentrate ingredients, which also includes leek, onion and garlic

Diana Food has been named runner-up in the Sustainable Ingredient category at the 2019 Sustainable Food Awards. Amid numerous competitors, Diana Food’s authentic and intense carrot juice powder was recognised as an innovative product that has a taste profile twice as intense as their more conventional product.

Food manufacturers need only use half the normal amount to create an authentic, garden-fresh taste, resulting in a final product with a lower environmental footprint.

Nuria Macias, Global Sustainability Manager at Diana Food, said: “This honour affirms our commitment to creating sustainable, tasteful solutions that our customers can trust.”

The awards were held at the 2019 Sustainable Foods Summit in Amsterdam, organised by research and consulting firm Ecovia Intelligence.

Since 2009, the Summit has brought together international stakeholders in the food industry to discuss and track issues like food production, clean labelling, and quantifiable standards around sustainability. The Sustainable Foods Summit even tracks its own carbon footprint and invests in green technologies to offset its greenhouse gas emissions.

In recognising Diana Food’s carrot juice powder, Ecovia acknowledged the company’s positive social impact as well as its sustainable production methods.

As part of the Diana Food sustainability programme, this carrot juice powder is produced from vegetables that are grown less than 200 miles from the processing plant.

The carrots go through low thermal intensity treatments to optimise the production time, and almost 65% of the energy used to product the carrot juice powder comes from renewable sources. Any carrot residue is then side streamed and used to create animal feed or fertiliser, leaving no product waste.

Ms Macias explains: “Our carrot juice powder is a versatile vegetable ingredient providing an authentic and intense taste profile with powerful raw and green top notes, as if you would taste a carrot freshly picked from your garden. With a true-to-nature taste, Diana Food’s juice concentrate solutions are useful in all kinds of commercial food preparations.”

Diana Food extends its thanks to all those involved in the value chain that made this groundbreaking range of products possible. Ms Macias added: “Diana is inspired to continue innovating and setting new standards in sustainability and quality.”

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