Diana Food launches poultry products for food manufacturers

Published: 12-Feb-2021

“It is clear that animal welfare remains an influential issue in the meat and poultry category," Julie Le Guyader, Chicken & Meat Product Manager said

Symrise Diana Food has announced a range of organic poultry products aiming to meet rising demand for ethical food and drink among consumers around the world.

These products offer manufacturers a sensory pallet to choose from: a boiled or rotisserie note; a fatty, juicy meat note; or an umami note, the company says. The line reportedly also has performance benefits in solubility, turbidity and mouth feel.

The range of chicken products comprises two types of ingredients. Organic solutions with organic hen broth and hen bone broth in both liquid and dehydrated forms; organic hen meat powder and organic hen fat. In the animal welfare offer, products include liquid and dehydrated free range chicken extracts; free range hen meat powder and free range chicken fat.

The company says it sources its chicken materials close to their factory and raised by farmers in an ethical environment. All processing reportedly uses kitchen-like processing techniques, resulting in non-allergenic, clean label products that are free from monosodium glutamate (MSG), yeast extracts, colours and added hormones. They also have a shelf life greater than 12 months at ambient temperatures.

Antoine Coursault, Chicken & Meat Product Line Director at Diana Food, said: “Diana Food has a legacy of expertise in sourcing the best poultry raw materials and with this new range of products, we can deliver tasty ingredients that will enhance and improve a food manufacturer’s perception of being an ethical, positive driver of consumers’ trust.”

Ethical claims mean different things to different people. For example, 56% of consumers in France purchase organic products because they perceive them to be healthier than conventional products, while 69% of Spanish consumers see organic food production as being good for the environment. Among Canadian consumers, 70% would be willing to pay more for meat that comes from humanely treated animals. Further data suggests that some consumers believe poultry produced in an environmentally friendly manner tastes better and is a healthier addition to their diet.

Julie Le Guyader, Chicken & Meat Product Manager said: “It is clear that animal welfare remains an influential issue in the meat and poultry category, as consumers are becoming more and more concerned about intensive animal farming and the conditions in which animals are reared, transported and slaughtered.”

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