Barry Callebaut's Happy Chocolate is both tasty and good

Published: 1-Apr-2016

Millennials and Healthy Agers are looking for wholesome chocolate experiences

Millennials and Healthy Agers celebrate life. So, their food needs to be a positive choice to match their lifestyle. To cater to their needs, Barry Callebaut has developed Happy Chocolate, a range of chocolate with proven health benefits.

Wholesome chocolate experiences: Trend reports show consumers are looking for wholesome chocolate snacks. Consumers want to enjoy a chocolate treat that combines a delicious chocolate taste with ‘goodness.' To cater to their needs and the creativity of their customers, Global Chocolatier Barry Callebaut has launched its Happy Chocolate range.

High in cocoa content and rich in antioxidants (cocoa flavanols), the products are low in sugar, rich in fibres, dairy- or lactose-free and combine perfectly with (super) fruits and nuts.

'Millennials and healthy agers want to celebrate and actively enjoy life,' says Bas Smit, Global and European Marketing Director of Barry Callebaut. 'With our range of Happy Chocolate, consumers can enjoy chocolate indulgences that are both delicious and good for you. Plus, maintaining up to 80% of cocoa flavanols allows for a health claim.'

The Happy Chocolate that's high in flavanols is the result of 7 years of intense research and development. A newly developed process preserves up to 80% of the cocoa flavanols that are naturally present in the cocoa bean; these flavanols are partly destroyed during conventional chocolate-making processes.

It’s this innovative process that makes the Happy Chocolate high in cocoa and antioxidants and low in sugar. Barry Callebaut’s customers can also make use of the company’s EU approved health claim if this would fit their brand positioning. Barry Callebaut is the only chocolate company in the world allowed to use a health claim for cocoa and chocolate products.

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