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Published: 11-Nov-2019

Versatile ingredient for fibre-enrichment

Did you know that the almost isolated indigenous group Yanomami carries twice as many bacterial species in their microbiomes as US-Americans?

It's also a fact that the Western lifestyle, often with excessive hygiene, antibiotics, Caesarean sections and a diet containing not enough dietary fibre and too much sugar and fat, is responsible for reduced and imbalanced bacterial flora. Yet a manifold microbiome is crucial for overall health and wellbeing.

One way to reduce the negative impact of such a lifestyle is the use of enriched foods and dietary supplements as tailor-made substrates for the microbiome.

GoodMills Innovation, with its comprehensive expertise in grain-based ingredients with added health benefits, has developed High-MAC Wheat Fibre and RUTIN X. Both ingredients are ideal for gut health products, and can be used in shakes, dairy, bakery and pasta, as well as dietary supplements.

Advantages at a glance

High-MAC Wheat Fibre:

  • MAC = microbiota accessible carbohydrates
  • micronisation (ultra-fine particle size below 150 µm) for optimal microbiome bioavailability
  • easy to incorporate in existing recipes
  • possible texture optimisation
  • extra mild taste allows incorporation in various applications

RUTIN X Tartary Buckwheat:

  • MAP = microbiota accessible polyphenols
  • high content of rutin for gut health and blood sugar management
  • high content of zinc supporting fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism (health claim possible)
  • easy to incorporate in existing recipes
  • optional with a slight or without buckwheat taste

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