Study reveals the potentiated effects of ThymoQuin + omega-3 oil for obesity health issues

Published: 26-Jun-2020

TriNutra, the supplier of the first cold-pressed black seed (Nigella sativa) oil standardised to 3% thymoquinone, announced the publication of its most recent study on the benefits of ThymoQuin when combined with omega-3 oil.

TriNutra’s Nigella sativa seeds contain a high amount of thymoquinone, the major bioactive constituent within the seeds, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity.

This clinical study was published in the MDPI journal Antioxidants and tested the effects of the standardised, low free fatty acid black seed oil ThymoQuin when combined with omega-3 oil.

The objective of the study was to explore the combination’s influence on obesity associated inflammation, insulin resistance and metabolism of adipose tissue browning in mice.

“We have long been emphasising the powerful synergistic benefits of a higher standardisation of thymoquinone combined with omega-3 to support a healthy inflammatory response, and this study goes even further to show the extent to which the ingredients are able to work together,” said Morris Zelkha, CEO of TriNutra.

“As we are able to see in the study, our ThymoQuin is unique in its ability to do this and provide significant results.”

The study revealed that the combination of ThymoQuin and omega-3 helped to oppose the effects of obesity and markers of insulin resistance by reducing adipocyte hypertrophy induced inflammation, enhancing AMPK activation, fatty acid metabolism and mitochondrial function as well as reprogramming unhealthy white to healthy beige adipocytes.

This combination has shown to be more effective and is likely safer than many other weight management interventions currently available.

Professor Nader Abraham from the NY Medical collage — who ran this study and has run many other drug and nutraceutical obesity studies — said: ”Obesity creates excess fat which then may create excess inflammation. The uniqueness of this omega-3 and ThymoQuin combination creates omega-3 Forte, which can fight efficiently against fat inflammation by converting inflammation fat to healthy fat and drastically improves insulin sensitivity."

"Then the outcome is improved fatty liver and blood glucose and pressure return to the normal range.”

“I continue to be impressed at the extent that black seed oil is able to positively influence health across multiple categories,” said Chris Holland, VP of Sales at Barrington Nutritionals.

“The research is clear. When developing supplements that address weight management and healthier inflammatory responses, TriNutra’s ThymoQuin, should be a top choice for enhanced benefits through its potent synergistic effects.”

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