TriNutra receives Canadian Health Claims approval

Published: 20-Mar-2024

Health Canada authorities have approved multiple structure-function health claims for ThymoQuin

TriNutra announces that the Health Canada authorities have granted several structure-function health claims in relation to the company’s proprietary black seed (Nigella sativa) oil branded ThymoQuin.

The product license allows finished product manufacturers to make specific recommendations based on the published scientific data presented to Health Canada. 

ThymoQuin, as an oral supplement (capsule or soft gel), can be used to:

  • Support healthy liver function
  • Fortify cardiovascular health
  • Help maintain healthy glucose levels
  • Help support stress relief
  • Help moderate general feeling of stress
  • Help support healthy gut microbiota

“It comes with great pleasure to announce that our patented black seed oil now has the backing of these structure-function claims for Canadian brand manufacturers,” said Morris Zelkah, CEO of TriNutra. “Our ongoing research ensures a more potent, stable, bioavailable and efficacious product for the end consumer.”

ThymoQuin is only patented, USP-grade, full-spectrum, cold-pressed black seed oil standardised to 3% thymoquinone and very low (1.25%) free fatty acids.

It’s clinically tested to support a balanced inflammatory response, improve mitochondrial activity, including ATP production, and deliver excellent antioxidant activity and antimicrobial effects.

The announcement comes on the heels of its recently granted United States patent for TriNutra’s black seed oil composition.

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