TriNutra receives European Patent for counter-obesity product

Published: 18-May-2023

The composition of ThymoQuin may relieve certain metabolic conditions often associated with obesity and is a potent active component in Black seed oil

TriNutra has received a European Patent for the composition of ThymoQuin with improved stability and bioavailability of its key active, thymoquinone. 

This composition may relieve certain metabolic conditions often associated with obesity. Thymoquinone, a key and potent active component in Black seed oil, is unstable in the presence of oxidants, like free fatty acids. 

It was a major goal of TriNutra to find a way to standardise and stabilise its black seed oil. This unique formulation achieved the goal beyond expectations, tapping the success with increased bioavailability of thymoquinone simultaneously.

According to the World Health Organisation, obesity is a global epidemic and has nearly tripled since 1975, where 13% of adults were considered obese in 2016. In 2019, 38.2 million children under five were overweight or obese. Once considered a high-income country problem, being overweight is now on the rise in low-and middle-income countries, primarily due to inadequate nutrition.

The awarded patent cites several studies of the composition, including a study showing the increased expression of the OPA1, MFN1, and MFN2 proteins in obese mice. 

There was a need for a high quality, effective, and bioavailable composition, and ThymoQuin meets this need

“These results suggest our standardised, cold-pressed, full-spectrum black seed oil is both stable and highly bioavailable. Such composition was shown to improve the impaired mitochondrial functions related to metabolism and energetic processes in the mitochondria,” said Morris Zelkha, CEO of TriNutra. 

While there are several other compounds and agents used to help mitigate the effects of obesity and associated comorbidities, ThymoQuin offers a natural, patented composition that meets USP standards. 

“There was a need for a high quality, effective, and bioavailable composition, and ThymoQuin meets this need,” added Zelkha.

TriNutra’s proprietary Nigella sativa seeds contain a high amount of thymoquinone (3%), the major bioactive constituent, with very low free fatty acids (below 1.25%). ThymoQuin is also recognised for supporting a balanced inflammatory response, improving mitochondrial activity, including ATP production, and delivering excellent antioxidant capacity and antimicrobial effects.

The patent award comes on the heels of its UPS monograph announcement, its US patent, and its study of endurance athletes using thymoquinone as a pre-and post-race supplement. 

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in Food Science & Nutrition Research suggests that mediation with ThymoQuin, through the Gut-Immune-Axis, can positively impact immune health.

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