TriNutra receives US Patent for ThymoQuin composition

Published: 29-Feb-2024

The oils can support balanced inflammatory responses, improve mitochondrial activity and deliver antioxidant effects

TriNutra, a supplier of cold-pressed black seed (Nigella sativa (NS)) oil, has announced its recent US patent for the composition of its branded ingredients, ThymoQuin, B’utyQuin and ThymoQuin-OCare.

The patent states: “This present invention is directed to a cold-pressed NS oils containing concentrations of thymoquinone (TQ) that are significantly higher than obtained in prior NS oils of this type. Since many of the therapeutic and health-promoting activities of NS oils are related to their TQ content, the oil compositions of the present invention provide a significant technical advance since, on the one hand, they possess high concentrations of the active agent (TQ), while on the other hand, maintaining a full spectrum oil and the inherent composition of the oils in the seeds.”

“In addition, they are free from the safety, regulatory, cost-related and other disadvantages associated with prior high-TQ NS extracts produced by using selective solvent extraction techniques.”

Thymoquinone a potent active component in Nigella sativa (black seed) oil and is unstable in the presence of oxidants, like free fatty acids. 

This leads to reduced potency and rancidity of the black seed oil. It was, therefore, a major goal of TriNutra to find a way to standardise, stabilise and maintain the natural ratio and balance between the components of its black seed oil.

“Our formulation achieved our goal beyond expectations, tapping the success with increased stability, bioavailability and efficacy of black seed oil,” said Morris Zelkah, CEO of TriNutra. 

“ThymoQuin has brought innovation to this ancient ingredient with several published clinical trials on its health benefits and efficacy, and numerous global patents back it for its composition, stability, bioavailability and use.”

Additionally, the patent reviews other essential composition components of the black seed oil, specifically carvacrol, p-cymene, and low free fatty acid (FFA) content ThymoQuin achieves its specific composition, 3% TQ, less than 1.25% FFA and a p-cymene minimum of 1.2% due to its strict growing, harvesting and proprietary manufacturing processes. 

The published clinical data highlights ThymoQuin’s ability to support a balanced inflammatory response, improving mitochondrial activity, including ATP production and delivering excellent antioxidant capacity and antimicrobial effects. 

It is applicable for dietary supplements as ThymoQuin, cosmeceuticals (B’utyQuin), oral health ThymoQuin®-OCare and more.

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