Sibelius engages Canadian lab in cannabis plant study with proprietary Chronoscreen platform

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 14-May-2019

Toronto-based Seneb will investigate the beneficial uses of cannabis for novel natural products

Sibelius Natural Products, the British nutraceutical company, has announced the creation of Seneb Products Limited, a sister Canadian company established in association with a Vulpes-backed Cayman company. As part of the launch, Sibelius has exclusively licensed its Chronoscreen platform to Seneb for the investigation of the cannabis plant.

Peter Leyland, Sibelius CEO, explained: “Over the last 12 months Sibelius has been undertaking its largest ever investigation into the Cannabis plant using the Chronoscreen Platform, however, we have taken our investigative work in the UK as far as we can within the current regulatory framework. This opportunity with Seneb allows us to build on that great work.”

The new Seneb laboratory will undertake objective, detailed, verifiable investigations into the beneficial uses of cannabis to develop innovative natural products.

Seneb will be located at JLabs, the Johnson & Johnson life science incubator in the MaRS Centre, Toronto. This is a strategic move, as Canada fully federally legalised cannabis in October 2018.

The Chronoscreen platform

For Sibelius, the principal goal at Seneb will be to conduct investigations that allow science to guide the company towards cannabis benefits rather than using anecdote and plant lore to determine efficacy.

“Cannabis is quite obviously a complex and phytochemically rich plant; it’s now time to apply scientific rigour to its study that puts its effects within a framework of detailed, scientifically validated and verifiable claims based on data and 21st-century processes,” said Leyland. 

The Chronoscreen Platform is an objective scientific process that can be applied for biological testing of a broad range of natural ingredients.

The platform can identify and confirm the potential health benefits of an ingredient, which can then determine the pathways essential for activity.

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