Roelmi adds to Full Spectrum Hyaluronans range

Published: 24-Jan-2023

HA Tech 2.0 Hyaluronans technology and ExceptionHYAL line are designed to fully integrate in tissues physiology and match biological needs

The Full Spectrum Technology consists in a fine modulation with defined steps for the bio-fermentation process, where precise variations of parameters such as temperature, pressure and time are implemented. Finely processed in order to achieve a specific spectrum of hyaluronans, obtained polymers result in a fingerprint of different molecule size.

ROELMI HPC’s technology allows to obtain a complex of molecular weights that work synergistically as it happens normally in the body, allowing a subtler modulation of physiological processes when compared with what hyaluronans could play with single molecular weight. 

The completeness of molecule lengths allows ExceptionHYAL ingredients not to focus on a precise molecular weight, as it occurs in the market, but rather on the efficacy of a range of fractions working in synergy, just as naturally occurs in our body and allowing better health outcomes.

HA Tech 2.0 Hyaluronans technology and ExceptionHYAL line are designed to fully integrate in tissues physiology and match biological needs, effectively supporting health, and improving life quality.

The new members of the ExceptionHYAL line, together with ExceptionHYAL Star, ExceptionHYAL Jump and ExceptionHYAL Relief, are:

  • ExceptionHYAL Blossom: realised to counteract menopause discomforts. It concurs to improve the quality of life in women by alleviating the symptoms of vaginal atrophy (urinary urgency, itching, burning, irritation, dryness involving significant pain during sex thanks to a moisturising and recovery effect. It also promotes bone regeneration being an ally to the typical osteoporosis related symptoms. 
  • ExceptionHYAL Wink: meant to truly support ocular well-being. Thanks to the moisturising effect on eye mucosa, it helps to keep the correct lubrication levels. It is a valid ally to boost eye health and foster vision performance and longevity, by reducing dry eye symptoms and performing better eye tolerance to blue lights linked to the use of digital devices.
  • ExceptionHYAL Star: targeting skin beauty and anti-ageing from within, its rejuvenating effect is quick and visible in 14 days only, with significantly less marked and deep wrinkles. Further, it effectively improves healthy skin parameters, providing hydration, tone and elasticity. It not only prevents and supports skin ageing, but can also help in case of dryer and sensitive skins due to sun/cold exposure.
  • ExceptionHYAL Jump: designed for joint pain reduction and enhanced mobility. Completely changing the approach to Osteoarthritis management with HA, ExceptionHYAL Jump promotes joint recovery by supporting synovial fluid regeneration and exerting such a lenient effect on local inflammation to induce the reduction of anti-pain drugs use. It acts like a shock absorber, lubricating & plumping tissues, helping cushioning effect and reducing.
  • ExceptionHYAL Relief: created to effectively alleviate unpleasant digestive issues such as heartburn and acid reflux. By mimicking tissue biology together with a moisturising ability, it effectively helps epithelium integrity, smoothness and regeneration, for an improved barrier effect. It promotes tissue recovery when abraded by acids, by relieving from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) symptoms.

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