OmniActive acquires global rights for mental energy ingredient

Published: 22-Nov-2021

ENovate Biolife’s enXtra ingredient exhibits a same-day effect that can last up to five hours, the company says

OmniActive Health Technologies has entered an agreement with ENovate Biolife to acquire global perpetual rights for sales, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing of enXtra, a proprietary extract of Alpinia galanga. In 2019, the companies entered a strategic alliance through which OmniActive gained distribution rights for enXtra to help expand its growth exclusively in North America.

“enXtra has experienced rapid growth, especially since our partnership with OmniActive, a company which has become globally recognised for its clinically-studied branded offerings, innovative delivery platforms and quality systems to ensure authenticity, traceability, and quality across the supply chain,” said Jayesh Chaudhary, CEO of ENovate. “It makes sense that OmniActive takes enXtra on the next phase of its global product journey.”

The GRAS-affirmed extract delivers a caffeine-free alternative reportedly supported by multiple clinical studies showing a same-day effect that can last up to five hours and supports mental energy without the “crash” phenomenon. The ingredient is the winner of the 2019 Nutraingredients award for sports nutrition category in both Europe and Asia as well as the winner of the 2021 award for cognition in the US.

“As a health benefit focused company, we will be expanding upon the great work ENovate has done to make enXtra what it is—a true differentiator in the cognition and energy space,” said Kimberly Smith, CMO of OmniActive. “We plan to further strengthen enXtra’s position with additional research and clinicals, applying our stringent quality controls and operational excellence, marketing know-how, and partnering with our customers to help their products stand out in multiple competitive, in-demand categories.”

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