New study shows xtenergy's sustained release caffeine profile supports its nootropic benefits

Published: 4-May-2021

OmniActive Health Technologies (OmniActive) announces today that new pharmacokinetic (PK) data on its proprietary energy ingredient, Xtenergy, has been published in Current Research in Behavioral Science

The primary study objective was to measure the bioavailability of Xtenergy versus immediate release caffeine with the secondary objective of measuring effects of Xtenergy on nootropic benefits, such as alertness and mood.

Twenty four healthy subjects received a single dose of 200 mg/capsule per day of Xtenergy or 99% Immediate Release (IR) caffeine.

Plasma caffeine levels were analysed by a validated LCMS/MS method and the Caffeine-Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) was used to measure feelings of relaxation, alertness, jitteriness, tension and overall mood.

IR caffeine resulted in a prompt increase in absorption that peaked within the first hour but was followed by a sharp decline immediately thereafter up until 24 hrs.

However, Xtenergy peaked around four hours, a ~325% increase versus IR caffeine. Further, it remained in the blood ~21% longer than IR caffeine. Xtenergy was also associated with feelings of being more alert, less tired, better overall mood, less jittery and less tense versus IR caffeine.

"As the nature of the caffeine formulation can directly influence the rate and extent of absorption of caffeine and its subsequent physiological effects, OmniActive formulated Xtenergy to release caffeine in an extended, sustained format during a period of 6-8 hours," explained Deshanie Rai, VP, Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for OmniActive.

"This allows Xtenergy to deliver on key nootropic benefits that consumers want through the day."

Xtenergy is a natural, sustained-release caffeine from green coffee bean developed using a solvent-free process and the spray melt technology that involves coating caffeine granules. This makes Xtenergy suitable for use in tablets, powders, stickpacks and capsules.

"Not all energy is the same and the needs of the market are evolving. Xtenergy is a unique, branded solution that delivers benefits in multiple categories, from consumers who want sustained energy and nootropic benefits to power through the day to more niche segments, such as esports and gaming, where the competitive advantage of clean energy is key," said Kimberly Smith, CMO of OmniActive.

"The health benefits of Xtenergy along with this new piece of science will help our customers further differentiate and standout in an increasingly crowded marketplace."

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