Lutein and zeaxanthin offer children eye health and cognitive benefits, study finds

Published: 21-Feb-2024

Results demonstrated that Lutemax Kids contributes positively to eye health and cognitive performance in school-aged children

Today, OmniActive Health Technologies unveils results from a first-of-its-kind completed supplementation study with Lutemax Kids, a proprietary, low-dose extract of lutein and zeaxanthin isomers. 

Published in the journal Advances in Therapy, the Lutemax Children’s Study revealed that supplementation with Lutemax Kids resulted in significant improvements in aspects of vision performance and cognition. 

This further expands upon the company’s earlier published research on adults, including the LAMA I & LAMA II (lutein, vision and mental acuity), and B.L.U.E (Blue Light User Exposure) studies.

“The study results demonstrated that Lutemax Kids supplementation contributes positively to aspects of eye health and cognitive performance in school-aged children, echoing the well-documented benefits observed in adults,” said Dr. Billy Hammond, Professor (Behavioural and Brain Sciences Programme) at the University of Georgia and lead researcher in the study. 

“From improved visual processing speed to eye strain that may result from digital device use, these outcomes serve as a foundation for tailored supplementation in children. It also emphasises the potential to help meet specific needs of children during a critical developmental phase."


Effects of lutein and zeaxanthin on children’s eyes and cognition

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial included 60 healthy male and female children, spanning a 180-day duration. 

Participants were given either a daily dose of Lutemax Kids, containing 10 mg lutein and 2 mg zeaxanthin isomers in a gummy format, or placebo.

The outcomes of the study support that over time supplementation with Lutemax Kids:

  • Significantly increased blood levels of lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Increased macular pigment optical density (M.P.O.D.) levels
  • Increased visual processing speed
  • Decreased eye strain and fatigue attributed to digital device usage
  • Significantly improved aspects of cognitive health, including attention, focus, episodic memory, visuospatial memory and visuospatial processing speed

“The insights from the study on lutein and zeaxanthin supplementation using Lutemax Kids are promising. Understanding the impact of these vital nutrients on young eyes and minds is a game changer, shedding light on their role in fostering well-being from an early age,” said Dr. Arun Balakrishnan, Chief Innovation Officer at OmniActive.

“Our efforts with this study come at a critical time when supplement brands are looking to cater to children’s health and wellness needs with safe, plant-based, and efficacious ingredients. As we continue to see the benefits of lutein and zeaxanthin across all life stages, we're reaffirming lutein and zeaxanthin’s significance in promoting a healthier future for our younger generation across the globe."

Lutemax Kids, a line extension of OmniActive’s lutein and zeaxanthin extract brand Lutemax 2020, is a lower dose to help meet the nutritional needs of children. It was developed to deliver a clinically studied option to supplement brands needing ingredients for a younger demographic.


Opportunity to raise nutrition awareness

Last year, OmniActive conducted a US parent survey for its “lutein for every age” educational initiative.

It found that six in ten parents regularly worry about their child's eye health, prioritising it above other well-being needs; however, they are unfamiliar with ways to support it. Furthermore, parents lack nutrition knowledge, as they believe carrots are the best food to support vision (15%), and only one in ten shared that their children take a supplement daily.

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