New study reveals benefits of sustained-release caffeine

Published: 26-Jan-2023

CaffXtend is encapsulated in microbeads to release caffeine gradually over 12 hours

A recently published study has demonstrated that CaffXtend sustained-release caffeine capsules, an innovation from Mumbai-India-based Nutriventia, provide significant energy-balance benefits and mental performance over immediate-release caffeine supplements.

The study, published in The Journal of Dietary Supplements, was a randomised, single-dose, two-treatment, two-sequence, two-period, two-way crossover oral bioavailability trial, wherein 15 healthy subjects supplemented with 200 mg sustained-release caffeine (200 mg) as CaffXtend (SR-caffeine,) and 200 mg immediate-release caffeine (IR-caffeine). Blood samples were collected at 16 points throughout the 48-hour duration. 

The primary study outcome included comparing the relative bioavailability of SR-Caffeine 200 mg and IR-Caffeine 200 mg under fasting conditions and changes in caffeine research visual analog scale (Caff-VAS) scores (‘relaxed’, ‘alert’, ‘jittery’, ‘tired,’ ‘tense,’ ‘headache,’ ‘overall mood’ and ‘mentally fatigued’) were also evaluated. Fifteen subjects completed the study. 

The mean time to reach maximum concentration (Tmax) was more than four times longer than that of immediate-release caffeine.

In the study, the caffeine research visual analog scale (Caff-VAS) scores, which include “relaxed,” “alert,” “jittery,” “tired,” “tense,” “headache,” “overall mood,” and “mentally fatigued” was used as an evaluation tool.

In the Caff-VAS evaluation, the sustained-release caffeine group showed significantly better scores for “jittery,” tiredness,” “alertness,” and “overall mood” for 8-12 hours than the immediate-release caffeine group. No adverse events were reported. 

According to the authors, results from this study demonstrated long and sustained release of caffeine from SR-caffeine, indicated by the significantly longer time to reach the maximum concentration and longer half-life compared to IR-caffeine. The resultant sustained plasma levels of caffeine in the SR-caffeine group from 8 to 12 hours were associated with improved alertness and mood for a longer duration.

This strength and notability of this study is that caffeine can be, and is, safe, well-tolerated and can do much more than just provide ‘wake-up energy’

The authors write: “We assume that SR-caffeine in a single daily dose would offer an effective alternative for repeated daily doses of caffeine required to achieve a sustained stimulant effect throughout the day without causing the symptoms of a ‘caffeine crash.’ These results need to be substantiated in long-term studies to signify the role of caffeine on cognitive performance and mental alertness, and to elucidate if sustained release of caffeine will improve stimulation on long-term administration despite its tendency to induce strong habituation.”

Anand Godbole, Vice President of Marketing for Nutriventia, commented: “This strength and notability of this study is that caffeine can be, and is, safe, well-tolerated and can do much more than just provide ‘wake-up energy’. Sustained-release caffeine, in fact, can help promote good mood, mental acuity, and a gentle feeling of calm energy.”

CaffXtend is encapsulated in microbeads to release caffeine over a 12-hour period gradually. Both caffeine and the unique ingredients that comprise the matrix are natural. This enables products containing CaffXtend to provide a long-lasting effect of caffeine from a single dose while allowing them a natural or clean label claim. The release profile of the ingredient seems to be better than most ingredients in the market, and higher efficacy at a lower dose is what makes it stand out.

“We see products containing CaffXtend targeted to those in the workforce, mums and caregivers, as well as students, athletes, and for travel,” Godbole added.

Nutriventia, Inventia Healthcare's health and wellness brand, is at the cusp of science and nature. The journey at Inventia began almost four decades ago when two scientists with deep-rooted knowledge in medical sciences ventured out to develop solutions that were an improvement on generic products becoming the pioneers of NDDS products in India. 

Today, Nutriventia is a preferred partner to multinational and Indian transnational companies for their global requirements. Nutriventia uses proprietary and patented processes to improve ingredients by addressing issues and concerns in manufacturing, formulation, and clinical research. 

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