New TurmXTRA-based range validates the science behind this concentrated turmeric ingredient

Published: 12-Jun-2024

Blackmores’ introduction of a range of products containing Nutriventia’s TurmXTRA validates its science, safety and efficacy

Nutriventia, a leading innovator of clinically proven, tech-driven clean ingredients for the health and wellness industry, proudly announces a significant milestone with the launch of one of its flagship branded ingredients, TurmXTRA.

This marks a pivotal moment in the validation of Nutriventia’s commitment to science and efficacy.

TurmXTRA is a clinically proven ingredient for its effectiveness at the low dosage of 250 mg of curcuminoids and is award-winning for supporting joint and muscle health.

TurmXTRA has recently been accepted into a range of products by Blackmores, underscoring the credibility and effectiveness of this unique low-dose turmeric extract. The acceptance of TurmXTRA into Blackmores' product line demonstrates the scientific rigour and potential to deliver tangible health benefits.

Vishal Shah, Nutriventia’s cofounder and Executive Director, commented: “TurmXTRA's inclusion in Blackmores' products validates our philosophy of delivering high-quality, clinically proven ingredients to our customers, especially a brand with high standards for excellent such as Blackmores.”

Kazim Vakil, Director at VILCO PTY, Nutriventia’s exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand, added: "The acceptance of TurmXTRA by Blackmores is a clear validation of its efficacy and safety profile. We are proud to offer our customers a genuine low-dose turmeric extract with proven clinical benefits, setting a new standard in the industry."

Nutriventia and VILCO recently showcased their partnership at the CMA (Complementary Medicines Australia), The Science of Self Care Innovation Day, where TurmXTRA and ashwanova, the flagship brands of Nutriventia, were key sponsors.

This provided an ideal platform to demonstrate the success of TurmXTRA and highlight the differentiation of Nutriventia's products with others on the market.

A key highlight of the event was the exclusive launch of ashwanova in Australia and New Zealand, while continuing to showcase our well-established branded ingredient, Prolanza, in all other regions.

This trademarked branded ingredient represents a significant step forward in stress management, offering long-acting ashwagandha for all-day stress support. ashwanova is poised to set new standards in the wellness industry, providing our customers with a reliable solution to manage daily stress.

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In addition to ashwanova, Nutriventia revealed groundbreaking new research on TurmXTRA, a proprietary water-dispersible turmeric extract.

The human clinical study showcased TurmXTRA’s superior bioavailability, demonstrating bioequivalence from a single 250 mg dose when compared to a leading branded turmeric extract with piperine, which is commonly consumed in three 500 mg doses.

This finding highlights and justifies TurmXTRA's efficiency and potency at a 250 mg once daily dose, which is also corroborated from the earlier clinical trials
that showed benefits in healthy human subjects, positioning it as ingredient of choice for turmeric supplementation in all applications.

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