Nutriventia reveals musculoskeletal advantages of turmeric ingredient

Published: 24-Aug-2023

The company's TurmXTRA has been proven to provide support for musculoskeletal health following a systematic review and meta-analysis

Ingredient supplier Nutriventia has announced that the efficacy and safety of its clinically studied turmeric ingredient, TurmXTRA was further validated for  musculoskeletal health in a compelling systematic review and meta-analysis. 

Supporting musculoskeletal health, such as the health of skeletal muscles and joints, is crucial in younger and older populations alike, since it is of great importance to establish optimum functionality for the former, and to maintain physical independence by retaining basic mobility for conducting day-to-day activities for the latter. 

While curcumin and turmeric are amongst the most commonly used natural ingredients for joint health, the data on its effect on muscle health is conflicting. Additionally, the effective dose required to maintain the functionality of joints and muscles is equally important, as convenient daily dosing is shown to be associated with better compliance which provides consistent health benefits, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction. 

This meta-analysis shows overwhelming evidence of efficacy and safety for TurmXTRA and validates its benefits for the human musculoskeletal system against other market alternatives

- Rajat Mittal Shah, Co-founder and Executive Director of Nutriventia

This systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials (RCTs) is intended to evaluate the effective dose, safety, and efficacy of commercial turmeric extract and curcumin supplements in musculoskeletal health. The research team performed a systematic literature search of PubMed, Google Scholar, and Cochrane Library databases and conducted a meta-analysis according to PRISMA guidelines. The research team analysed 21 prospective, randomised clinical studies, of which seven studies were focused on skeletal muscle health and fourteen on joint health. 

The studies concluded that turmeric extract and curcumin supplements can be effective adjuvants for the management of musculoskeletal health, with a low incidence of AEs. The water-dispersible turmeric extract, WDTE60N, at a dose of 250 mg per day, was found to be more effective than other curcumin products. The studies included in the analysis were conducted using diverse doses and treatment durations. Therefore, further evaluation using comparisons in future clinical trials can establish the appropriate, effective dose of curcumin supplements for the overall maintenance of musculoskeletal health. 

“TurmXTRA continues to gain momentum with ongoing science and accolades in the industry,” said Rajat Mittal Shah, Co-founder and Executive Director of Nutriventia. “This meta-analysis shows overwhelming evidence of efficacy and safety for TurmXTRA and validates its benefits for the human musculoskeletal system against other market alternatives."

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Shah continued: “TurmXTRA stands out from these products because of its optimised low dose formulation using natural source carriers and use of a simple and cost-effective solvent-free process.” 

TurmXTRA has been awarded patents in the United States, the United Kingdom and India. These patents have been a priority in the innovation pipeline at Nutriventia and apply to the curcuminoid formulations exhibiting rapid dissolution and optimising bioavailability from a low 250 mg once daily dose. TurmXTRA is also Clean Label Project certified, as it uses excipients obtained from natural sources and is derived from a solvent-free manufacturing process. 

TurmXTRA has received an award from Nutrition Industry Executive as first place winner in sthe Sports Nutrition category. It was also a finalist in the 2023 NutraIngredients-USA Awards in the sports nutrition category. With science-backed bioequivalence for curcuminoids delivery in plasma and a high 60% potency formulation, we are not surprised to see demonstrated efficacy at 250mg for TurmXTRA.

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