TurmXTRA, Nutriventia’s turmeric extract, found to have high bioavailability in a novel study

Published: 23-May-2024

Third study confirms TurmXTRA's 250mg dose rivals higher doses in bioavailability and efficacy

Nutriventia, an ingredients provider for the health and wellness industry, has completed a study on its flagship turmeric extract TurmXTRA, which compared the ingredient to leading branded turmeric extracts commonly used in large doses across the industry.

The primary objective was to assess the bioavailability of a single 250 mg dosage of TurmXTRA compared to three 500 mg doses of the referenced turmeric extract with 5mg of branded piperine extract with each dose. 


The results

The findings validate TurmXTRA's equivalency in absorption and bioavailability to much higher doses of conventional and branded turmeric extracts, some of which are regularly enhanced with piperine and taken multiple times per day.

This is the third study of its kind to confirm TurmXTRA’s enhanced bioavailability with one dose, meaning consumers won’t have to take multiple doses in the day to achieve the same levels of exposure.

"We are excited by the study's repeated confirmation that TurmXTRA provides comparable and consistent bioavailability to leading turmeric extracts with a single daily dose," says Dr Shefali Thanawala, GM of Medical Science & Research at Nutriventia. "This positions TurmXTRA as a strong candidate to replace larger dose products currently dominating the market, particularly in applications like joint health, muscle recovery and sports nutrition."

The globally available TurmXTRA has garnered significant recognition, including the Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) Ingredient of the Year award in Sports Nutrition, and was a finalist in the NutraIngredients Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year in 2023.

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