Juicy, meaty, 100% vegetable: it’s FARAburger

Published: 11-May-2021

FARAburger is a plant-based alternative to classic burgers

FARAburger is a plant-based alternative to classic burgers developed by Faravelli food application laboratory; a product designed for consumers who are more careful about the impact on the environment and animals of everything we eat, starting with meat. In fact, the "plant-based meat" category is rapidly growing and responds to the new needs and sensitivities of an increasingly wide range of customers.

100% vegetable, FARAburger is not like other plant-based burgers that are on the market right now – it is so much more! Better yet, it has much less: it provides far fewer calories (at least 50%) and far less fat, in fact zero.

In addition:

  • It is very juicy despite the absence of fats.
  • It has a neutral taste (soy is not perceived at all), without aromas; therefore, it is very adaptable and versatile in flavour.
  • It features market-leading realism to meat in appearance, compactness, and texture, without syneresis.

What’s the secret ingredient behind it?

A special FARA® functional system which allows to get pre-formed dishes (burgers, meatballs, sausages) so juicy and meaty, people won’t believe it’s made from plants.

A food that is not only good and high in protein, but also an ally of environmental sustainability ((less greenhouse gas emissions, less impact on land use, less energy and water consumption).

Want to know more? Contact Faravelli to get the “secret” recipe: fara@faravelli.it

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