Innovations at the heart of organic: NATEXPO 2019

Published: 23-Sep-2019

NATEXPO is an event for organic professionals

NATEXPO, the event for organic professionals, hosts everything organic in all sectors: food, cosmetics and hygiene, dietary and food supplements, ingredients and raw materials, household and personal products and services, or services and equipment for retail.

Details of the event can be found here.

TrendSourcing, an expert in green, clean and sustainable lifestyle for 20 years, decrypts all the emerging trends in the organic sector for NATEXPO. Loking into "Green giant", "subzero" system, "healthionism", etc. In fact, faced with increasingly "eco-conscious" and committed consumers, organic professionals are constantly reinventing themselves to offer products, services, or innovative and creative initiatives that meet the new expectations of transparency, sustainability, fun, accessibility, etc.

With more than 1,000 exhibitors from around 20 countries, let's meet at the Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte on October 20-21-22. This show has the particularity to reflect the diversity and vitality of the organic market, particularly marked by the unprecedented growth of food products, which have seen their consumer purchases more than double since 2012 - to reach €9.7 billion in 2018!

The organic world of tomorrow

Natexpo gives place to innovation. Whether they are loyal brands or among the 500 new entrants, all manufacturers are motivated to present their new products at the show. This edition represents an opportunity to have a complete overview of all the new trends: transparency, anti-waste, pleasure, technology, zero waste, ... NATEXPO is a way to discover, in one place, the latest organic news.


"2018 was a record year for the organic market," said F Guhl, director of Agence Bio.

Organic sales reached €9.7 million (+15.4%), with all product categories up thanks to the efforts deployed by distribution and manufacturers to put together category streams and secure supplies.

The long-standing organic retailers are revisiting their concepts. The green wave is becoming a tidal wave, organic is reinventing itself powerfully and with fun. The eco-aware vision is no longer sufficient: it is time for action, through creative initiatives

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