Grøntvedt Biotech appoints Chief Innovation Officer

Stig Jansson came from US consumer brand giant Nordic Naturals' Norwegian division Nordic Pharma, where he has worked as an R&D manager for 15 years

Grøntvedt Biotech have hired Stig Jansson as its new Chief Innovation Officer.

“Stig has more than 25 years’ experience within developing innovative nutraceutical products, unique processes development, and consumer formulations for the international market,” said Bjørnar Grøntvedt, CEO Grøntvedt Group.

"With the hire of Stig, we will strengthen our team for developing our CETO3 – Cetoleic acid (Omega-11) product and bringing new innovations to the market,” said Henrik Traaholt, Chief Commercial Officer Grøntvedt Biotech

Stig Jansson said: "Having firsthand access to raw materials is a key-platform moving forward to develop new innovations to the nutraceutical market. Cetoleic acid (Omega-11) is a true innovation supported by very promising science, and more to come. Grøntvedt's unique setup with fresh fish landed directly into the human grade processing factory at Uthaug in Norway, reflects the superior quality. Immediate processing, from fresh fish to oil within 30 minutes, enables us to optimise the CETO3 product as well as exploring new opportunities and innovations.”

Grøntvedt Biotech is a part of the well-established Norwegian Grøntvedt Group and with a long history of processing sustainable pelagic fish and firsthand access to raw materials which is immediately processed at Grøntvedt plant in Uthaug, Norway. Grøntvedt Biotech have launched CETO3 product which contains high levels of Cetoleic acid (Omega-11) & Omega-3 product.

Stig Jansson will start at Grøntvedt Biotech 1st of June 2023 but will be present with the Grøntvedt Biotech team at Vitafoods in Geneve in May at Stand #H260

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