Gencor reports results of Verisperse testing

Published: 2-Mar-2021

VeriSperse is available as a powder and can be used in pharma and nutraceutical applications

Gencor has reported the results from a pharmacokinetic study on trans-resveratrol oral bioavailability in humans using Pharmako Biotechnologies' VeriSperse platform. The single-dose, double-blind, randomised study compared the pharmacokinetics of a commercially available resveratrol both with and without LipiSperse delivery technology.

Healthy adults were randomly selected to receive one of three single doses of resveratrol. One group received a dose of 75 mg of VeriSperse while another group received 150 mg of VeriSperse. The last group received a dose of 150 mg resveratrol without the LipiSperse delivery complex. The 150 mg dose of VeriSperse reportedly showed a 2-fold increase in absorption and a 3-fold increase in Cmax of trans-resveratrol conjugates compared to the 150 mg Veri-te dose. The study showed no statistical difference between the 75 mg dose of VeriSperse to the 150 mg dose of standard resveratrol for AUC or Cmax of resveratrol conjugates.

“Like other polyphenols, the oral intake of resveratrol has a relatively low bioavailability,” said Chase Shyroc, Vice President of Sales & Business Development for Gencor. “By using the LipiSperse delivery system, we’ve seen significant increase in VeriSperse’s bioavailability and efficacy along with the benefit of improved functionality.”

A common challenge with the introduction of lipophilic active ingredients can often result in decreased active load in final formulations. However, LipiSperse increases the wettability of the crystal, Gencor says, by lowering the surface tension enabling the dispersion of particles effectively in water and preventing the agglomeration of the crystals.

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