Gencor study reveals benefits of ingredient for female athletes

Published: 24-Aug-2023

The company has announced the publication of a study using a females-only population aged 25-45 years in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living

Gencor has announced the publication of its recent clinical trial backing its ingredient Libifem for improved muscle strength, power, endurance and body composition with a females-only popluation aged 25 to 45 years.   

The study, published in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, examined how Libifem may impact muscle strength and endurance, body composition, leg power, muscle recovery, and pathological markers in response to an 8-week bodyweight resistance training programme.

The multi-site, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study included female atheltes aged 25–45 and were randomly allocated to the one of the two active intervention groups (300 mg of Libifem/day or 600 mg of Libifem/day) or the placebo group for eight weeks. The results demonstrated a significant increase in strength, lean muscle mass, and decreased total fat and trunk fat mass when supplemented with 600mg/day of Libifem.

We are thrilled with the study outcomes and Libifem’s tremendous ability to support women in athletics

- R.V. Venkatesh, Co-founder at Gencor

“We are thrilled with the study outcomes and Libifem’s tremendous ability to support women in athletics,” R.V. Venkatesh, Co-founder at Gencor. “Libifem is heping to revlotuionise the women’s sports and active nutrition category by validating its ingredients with gold standard clinical research. We will continue to investige Libifem and its impact in women’s health. 

Libifem is a standardised fenugreek seed extract that has also been clinically shown to support libido and menopausal symptoms. It can be incorpated into various delivery foramts such as capsules, powder blends, RTD shots, functional foods and more. 

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